You've NEVER Seen Kingdom Hearts Fan Games like this!

YouTube video

these fan games are out of control

KH All I Ask – created by wedgiebee

KH FPS – created by ggracia10

Kingdom Hearts Re: 1.975 / Rebirth Days – created by Flowt

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  1. I can explain the wobbling. What happened is you got so far away from the origin point of the map that there wasn't enough floating point precision to keep physics calculations stable

    For example you could be at the y coordinate 1.0000000. You have lots of decimal places so things are going to be calculated precisely. But then you go out to 100,000.00. Your precision is much, much lower and much more error prone.

  2. When you said Kame hame ha , i fell off my chair ! Kingdom hearts and Dragonball have always been my favorite :")

  3. You should try some more KH fan games on Dreams. Idk if there's any new ones since the last time you made a video about it, but that video was funny.

  4. Kingdom hearts rebirth is one I'd say you should give a try, it's a full game then there's the demo for Kingdom hearts 2 rebirth

  5. I feel like the second game has so much potential if they ripped the sound effects of KH2 and the setting had more stuff in it. Overall though, that was pretty decent.

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