Yes, we have more Elden Ring gameplay. No, I didn't rewind it.

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Yes, we have more Elden Ring gameplay. No, I didn’t rewind it.

(Elden Ring spoilers)

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  1. I don’t understand souls games.. So you spend all this time killing the enemies & then they spawn back in when you die or leave the area & come back… is this not correct?

  2. The movement of that bear reminds me a lot of the Guardian Apes from Sekiro and I don't know if that excites me or scares me lol

  3. I watched all the Elden Ring videos and I can’t wait to try the new weapons. I saw elsewhere a video of what it seemed like a large magic sword, I can’t wait to try that weapon in the game. I will be playing Elden Ring on my Xbox Series S and Horizon Forbidden West on my PS4 Pro and somehow make time to play both. Thanks for all the Elden Ring videos and keep up the great work!!

  4. I know this is a game and is fantasy and all that. One swing of that bear is enough to separate the soul from the body sending both to different zip codes.

  5. 2:21 Dash move confirmed!? its seems to be an Art of War for daggers, it covers some nice distance, not sure whether it has i-frames or not, hope it does.

  6. The Game look insane, preordered yesterday. Are there other mounts, the thing you ride on, looks very dull. Thx for the video Game Informer. Wish you all best.

  7. I wish they'd add a sheathing animation when opening a chest, picking up itpems, or opening doors like in ds2. It feels weird to see a sword just disappear into oblivion. It doesnt ruin the game but atleast it makes it a little bit more immersive (i think thats the word)

  8. Bruh there’s so much stuff in this game, and literally almost everything I’ve seen and that’s been shown out is surface level so that means there’s a ton more stuff waiting for us 😭

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