Yeah Yeah Beebiss II a John Riggs New Dreamcast game 2022

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  1. I like Riggs, but the game looks seriously lame. To say something positive… uh… um… As American Dreamcast lover, I gotta admit the blue PAL cases always look sharp.

  2. Slight typo. John Riggs, not Briggs. Really cool he and the developers were able to put this on so many platforms. Dreamcast is unexpected, but awesome.

  3. Saw that cover and immediately thought of the Chinese movie Mr Vampire.
    Thanks for the heads up on the game and John Briggs.

  4. Wow, didn't know JR made his own game!! Awesome look, and great to see respectful support, both for fellow Tubers and Dreamcast too.. Great to see it, and looking forward to more content here!!

    Cheers, kind sir, and happy gaming to you!

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