WWE 2K22 How To Unlock Everything! (+DLC & Day 1 Patch News)

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In this video I discuss How To Unlock Everything In WWE 2K22! Also DLC Reveal & Day 1 Full Patch Patch Notes.

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WWE 2K22 is an upcoming professional wrestling video game developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports. It is the twenty-sixth game in the WWE game series and the ninth game under the WWE 2K banner.

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  1. I still have issues with universe especially with rivalries on smackdown. There’s a tag team cinematic that bugs out the match

  2. Please help me man. I have the DLC yokozuna and umaga and osmo are all present but I still can’t find rob vandamn. Do I need to do something else to unlock him ?

  3. Personally think it’s fine the super charger just unlocks all of the purchasable items which you need VC for and doesn’t unlock the showcase items to give you a reason to actually play the mode instead of just ignoring it because main reason to play showcase mode is to unlock things and play through those wrestlers highlights

  4. Help i purchased a physical copy of wwe 2k22 deluxe version. Then i bought the nwo version the 26 dollars something. Also the season pass and banzai bundle. But the dlc i bought is not in the game. Help please. Tnx

  5. Ok I know this was like a month ago but I have a question, I bought the season pass but im missing Mr t, cactus jack, and rvd, do I still have to wait for those or unlock them a certain way?

  6. I got the deluxe edition and It never told me in game that I bought the season pass or the supercharger the day I downloaded it can someone help me?

  7. I'm trying to figure out 96's Rey Mysterio Jr. It was mentioned that you can unlock him in Showcase Mode. It didn't work. However I've read when downloading caw that his mask, you have to play myrise to unlock him. I'll bet it's Mysterio's storyline.

  8. "You might notice some deformity if you hit Charlotte flair from behind" well played.

  9. So I need some help. I bought the standard edition disc version of the game but then bought the nwo 4 life pack so that should mean I would be able to unlock all everything for free minus the showcase ones. But that hasn’t worked, is there anything I need to do to activate it?

  10. The super charger huh i'll check it out cause I was like saying wait where is the accelerator so it's in the ps store then, and btw I got the standard version

  11. I’m getting Finn Balor’s Replica Jacket from WWE Shop, next Wednesday with my I’m earning for watching my neighbors dogs

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