WORLD TURTLES Gameplay – Part 3 (no commentary)

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★Genre: City Building
★Release Date: Sep 2022

DEVELOPER: Re: cOg Mission
PUBLISHER: Re: cOg Mission

★A wholesome strategy game where you help Meeps save the life of the World Turtle they live on. Construct buildings, harvest resources, allocate and prioritise tasks, research and develop, and cooperate with other Meeps. And who knows? You may even meet others from different worlds.


A shoutout to GDWC.
GDWC stands for the Game Development World Championship, which is an annual global competition for game developers of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. You’re welcome to submit your game whether you’re a professional developer, a hobbyist, a student, or just interested in game development in general.
Small game developers often have a hard time getting the recognition they often deserve. Only a few lucky ones rise through for the masses to see them. We want to change that! We also want to expand the visibility of the game developing scene as a whole. The Championship has been organized since 2016 and is the biggest of its kind with over 2700 development teams taking part!

A shoutout also to the developer Re: cOg Mission.

★You can find the game on steam:


★Twitter :
★Steam Curator:
★Epic Supporter Creator Code: SORROWH


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  1. Hi again. For some reason some Wild Crops sometimes don't react to the mouse click. I have it on my list of things to figure out 😉
    You needed to construct a Tinkerer's Workshop to make improved tools so your buildings could be upgraded next.

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