WIN CONDITION in Polytopia Random 1v1 – Polytopia Moonrise Replay Review

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Polytopia Replay review of a random 1v1 with players Haydenem (ELO 1,183) vs. JoeFornite (ELO 1,165)



ANIMATOR: @StridingSpark

Do you want to win in Polytopia? In this video, we’ll show you how to identify your winning condition in Polytopia, so you can easily take down your opponents!

Knowing your win condition lets you take down your opponents in a breeze. This video will help you improve your gameplay and win more matches in Polytopia!


0:00 Intro
0:11 Game Start
0:14 Early Game
0:55 Zebasi Resource Spawn Rates
1:13 Workshop vs. Explorer
1:28 Unique features of Lakes maps
2:40 W Explorer
3:00 Vision Comparison
3:29 Siege of Azgesam 1
3:39 An important early upgrade
4:00 Siege of Azgesam 2
4:08 A questionable choice
4:46 BIG City Wall
5:03 Greed isn’t always good
5:59 Turn 10 Strategy Comparison
7:40 Leave a comment: What should each player do to win?
8:22 Another W explorer!
8:49 You might as well go Super!
9:19 Leave a comment: Are knights a good upgrade choice?
10:21 Siege of Azgesam 3
10:29 Another advantage of scouting
10:46 Small details separate top players
11:56 Siege of Zancozu 1
12:23 Recap and Review
12:59 Join the discord
13:10 Comment your feedback and suggestions!


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  1. Thanks for watching! Oops, its haydenem not HAYHAYdemem. LOL
    What was your favorite part of today's replay?

  2. As soon as you see this much water on the map, going naval is the way to go; GG to the yadakk player!

  3. At the T17 siege of Zancozu 1, the Zebasi player could've vanished Yadakk's giant and dealt a big blow to Yadakk's momentum, potentially turning the game around. Interesting that the game probably could've gone differently had the Zebasi player spotted this and a few other better moves. With the vision they had, I'm almost surprised that the Yadakk player committed to that siege, given that they could see this potential opportunity they were opening up for their enemy.

  4. Polytopia's a great game, but it just bothers me that you could have done so many things wrong in earlier turns but only realized it later.

    Of course, you could be smart and predict things. But there's no such thing as 100% certainty. Luck does play a major factor.

    It makes each game unique and fun, though, despite the unfairness 😅.

  5. Game was over when Yadakk went city wall and ports. Zebasi wasted too many stars sieging that one city for no gain when he could have focused on expanding where his opponent was not. After the first siege break I wouldn’t even bother attacking that city until it’s a done deal with a rider block for capture or something

  6. Often times you don't even lose stars by taking an explorer. After meeting your opponent you get stars from them, turn thise stars into some upgrades and it snowballs into your economy doing just as well and you have a ton of useful vision

    For lakes maps if you can stay on land and break your opponent's position before they have a good navy set up knights are fantastic for closing out a game.

    In this game where there was no good way to breakthrough knights were a waste of stars and Zeb needed to put that into their navy.

    What a blowout, Steel (Yad) completely outclassed his opponent there. Great video!

  7. I don't go knights unless I have a good view of the enemy's troop placements and see that they have lots of squishy targets. Chivalry is an expensive investment and has a lot of dependence on the situation. Also yeah I usually take the scout when I have a village at or near the center of the map since they often times give me the info I need to plan out attacks and defenses.

  8. Maybe zebasi didn't got explorer in his 2nd village because he thought that he was in an island and explorers can't go through water most of the time and greed is good in island maps

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