Why You're HARDSTUCK (The TRUTH) – League of Legends

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  1. ahahaha dude no shit tell something we dont know…Any advice when 4 of your teamates feed they arse off in the match and you are the only person keeping the game alive without whom the 4 feeding retards would loose like 20 minutes ago? Any advice there ?And yeah almost every game at least 2 trolls feeders than afk after feeding like 7 or more kills before 20 minutes mark…And when i get non feeding and non trolling team we stomp them so hard which isnt funny either but most of the time i get full retarded team so yeah…any advice how to carry 2 or 3 total feeding dogshit retards ?I mean i cant just hide under tower cause they feed the damn enemys who than target me 5 vs 1 after deleting my noob team in 5 sec…

  2. It is still incredible how much i can learn from these videos, despite i am 4 Seasons Master, those basics are so important

  3. The first question, hit lvl 3 from your red side and invade Hecarim's blue, heca always paths bot, meaning hes doing red,raptors,wolves,blue (or is full clearing) meaning you have a free pick on heca on his blue/gromp if youre on time with the clear.

  4. Very informative video, thank you.
    It would help a lot if you could mention in your title, or in your subscription, that this video is mainly for Junglers, as you are giving your information from a Junglers standpoint.

  5. I watched a game where a GM Tryndamere onetrick did smurf in bronze and could not carry with over 30 kills because his team was dead all the time and you can not push 3 lanes alone. When you are only gold 4-3 good you might stuck silver 2 without very much room to improve.

  6. I'm just so shocked how i am getting this all right even tho is still my first time playing league of legends

  7. Great concept… but ruined for most viewers, I'd imagine, because its basically, "play jg if you want out of low elo".
    Playing jg is practically a different game from playing a laner.
    I'd love to see this video redone for top or mid.

  8. more videos like that! ture testing strategy thinking.
    i anwered everything correct and im stuck in gold :/

  9. I have a problem with hesitation in what is the best option, I inevitably do make the right decision but I think it takes too much time for me.

  10. It's funny… I got a lot of these questions wrong by second guessing and overcomplicating the logic behind what I would typically do, figuring that my instinct must be heavily flawed since I'm not able to climb to diamond. But If I just went on the instinct and simple reasoning that got me hard stuck in platinum I would have aced the test lol

  11. I was high diamond for 3 seasons straight, this season for whatever reason cant pass gold elo… Gave up league, best thing i ever did.

  12. Bad guide, 9x report liers! I got everything correct (ok almost everything, in last "go bot or go top" I opted to "both are wrong, just farm top jungle 4head")…and I'm still hard-stuck at high gold-low plat elo

  13. can you do this but with a scaling jungler? (i play evelynn and i know that half of these decisions i would have to answer differently)

  14. Getting a lead helps, but it doesn't win u the game lol 🤣 this whole thing is bullshit, got everything right

  15. Sean Robertson of Louisiana Missouri molested his daughter and snitched on dude from Barry Illinois, I got all the proof!

  16. I think that no one analize so much in their games … maybe challenger would do so but they are on another level of consciousness so we just cant compare them to us ..

  17. This is great but what happens when your bottom goes 2-18 and your top goes 0-8 and refuses to rotate. Now scuttle is impossible because enemy top and mid collapse, your jungle gets invaded bc you’re constantly trying to save your laners and catch the waves they miss after dying, and you can’t gank bc you’ll get 2v1ed. This is the scenario in at least 1/3 of my games in gold.

  18. dude you can say shit smells like rosses but hardstuck is real .Last almost 20 matches im getting totally dogshit teams against good enemies talking all lanes feed mostly except mine .Its like my team consists of trained monkeys that feed almost 10 kills each before mid game so gl carrying that shit out the drains ….

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