Why does Kunos not talk more about this SECRET function? – Assetto Corsa Competizione

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Sorry for the camera image, the light is being weird outside – there’s sun!

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Simracing is difficult. Learning how to drive fast takes time, dedication and persistence. Assetto Corsa Competizione is one of the best simulations with highly sensitive aerodynamics that want to be respected. Telemetry, such as motec helps with analyzing car behavior and finding major issues in the car setup or driving style. Special sim racing hardware also helps with becoming better, but certainly is not _the_ solution to your problems. Load cell pedals offer better feel. Stronger but most importantly more detailed force feedback of e.g. direct drive wheels offer more immersive sensations. Though I know and I’ve seen throughout the years, people with entry level hardware perform on top level.


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  1. The thing I’d love is to be able to bind ignition to a toggle switch. I have a missile switch on my button box and it’d be great to be able to use that instead of a button or momentary switch.

  2. Thanks for this info Nils. Now can you show me some set-up secrets. 🤥 Seriously, thanks for the things you do for this hobby.

  3. Also, I have a button box with more buttons than windows can handle and show in the controller adapter. HOWEVER, ACC accepts all those extra buttons and can handle all the extra functions. Pretty neat.

    Really kunos, where is the user manual to explain all those functions. Its like easter eggs.

  4. Don't forget about the shift button you can also bind! I only have 6 buttons on my wheel. So what I've done is set 1 as a shift button which means I can use either hold, or shift to have 10 functions. However you can also combine both and I can add another 5 for a total of 15 functions. As a side note I also like to use push-to-talk when I'm racing so I just use the Shift button since it does nothing by itself. Every single button on my wheel has 2-3 functions on it, even the shift button. The only thing I couldn't bind on my wheel was ignition/starter

  5. Hey Nils, I notice on your wheel settings you've got your lock angle on 720. From my understanding, if you go 900 in game and 900 on your wheel base, the game will automatically set the lock angle to the preferred lock angle for the car. What does setting it to a lower value give you, especially if it's not set to the preferred lock angle of the car (I believe the M4 is 540?)

  6. Interesting! If I manage to bind Shift to a button on a wheel would ticking "usable with shift" essentially give me 4 options for one button? ie click/extended click/ shift click/ shift extended click?

  7. To answer the rhetorical question: Because the function is not that great.
    1. It's somewhat useless, with except maybe for flash / toggle light or TC1/TC2
    2. It's a bit awkward because youalways have to check that the right thing happened
    3. The 0.25 seconds which you (and I) prefer is overwritten every time you go into the menu.
    4. It's not compatible with other titles. I want to have the same buttons.

    You can use a shift button in ACC and iRacing, but that's to confusing.

  8. Nils, you will also notice the usable with shift option as well. Further down you can map a single button to act as a shift button. I have a G920 and use the Xbox button to act as a shift button doing something similar to this. Great video by the way! Thank you!

  9. You also can use a Shift button (aka Pinkie) to have a max of 4 functions on the same button. But of course you have to lose a button (the Pinkie one).

  10. I was using this option for as long as I was playing ACC. I have Flasher and Cycle Light Stages on the same button, for example. And I was commenting that you have this option on all "My wheel settings" videos from content creators I came across.

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