Why Did Earthbound on Switch Take So Long?

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Earthbound (aka Mother 2) and Earthbound Beginnings (aka Mother) are finally on Nintendo Switch Online, and they don’t even require that expensive expansion pack! But why did it take so long for these beloved cult classic NES and SNES games to be released on Switch?

Nintendo is very protective of the Earthbound franchise, and this is in large part because the games’ creator, Shigesato Itoi, is also very protective of them. He considers his trilogy of games to be a standalone creation that don’t need to be revisited endlessly, and he’s actively opposed to sequels.

Itoi actually has a very cute friendship with several key members of Nintendo’s staff. The way he talks about his relationship with Satoru Iwata is just the sweetest thing. We didn’t even have time in this video to cover how he and Iwata used to ride around on trains together, and Iwata would talk at Itoi so much that Itoi would fall asleep mid-conversation.

It’s just nice. It’s a sweet, sweet relationship, and that justifies this video in our minds.

Also, under no accounts should you look up what Itoi had to say about Iwata’s funeral, unless you want to cry.

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Ask Iwata (book, published by Itoi’s media company, Hobonichi)

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  1. Honestly this guy is strange, not wanting to remake or remaster these games at least? Especially not releasing mother 3?

  2. You think Earthbound on Switch took a long time? Let's see how long it takes for Switch to add the PC-Engine to it's list of emulators.

  3. they don’t think a lot about their older games or take idea’s from them
    look at the new super Mario bros series, the first one looks out of place compared to the second and later ones

  4. Well now that it's on switch, lots of people are playing it and realizing that it's a really great game. I mean it is a masterpiece, and true genius. Though I think it would've been fun for a Switch remake with actual 3D modeling and voice acting, or in other words the Link's Awakening treatment. But either way, I'm glad the game is getting the reviews it deserves. It's now literally up there with Mario and Legend of Zelda titles.

  5. I still wonder what they'd call 'Mother 3' if it was ever localized. 'Earthbound 2'? 'Earthbound Chronicles''? 'Earthbound Legacy'?

  6. Why can't every one be like Itoi? He knows when to stop. Pokemon in generation 3, a link to the past, Mario World, those were excellent places to just say "It's enough of this franchise" but Nintendo had to ruin it…..

  7. i’m so glad they did this. I’ve always wanted to play these games but i never had access to them. I played it for the first time this week and had a blast

  8. This baffles me, Earthbound is mids imo, but every time they do this and leave out mother 3 I am left equally baffled.

  9. I wish it was a physical copy or a download because where I'm staying right now the Wi-Fi sucks ass and doesn't reach very well. So I still can't play it! 😭

  10. That’s a valid point that Itoi brings up;

    I’ve loved bands for their initial & sophomore works, and that’s all I want to hear when I go to a show.
    Later albums usually come off as “more of the same” or not as strong as their earlier stuff.

    I’m not a Earthbound diehard, but I’ve always appreciated the dedication of the fanbase & Itoi for his “artistic integrity”.

  11. Everything EarthBound-related takes a long time, from Mother 3's development to the first two games coming on the Virtual Console, particularly the first one getting a release outside of Japan. Mother 3 still hasn't been released outside of Japan at all.

  12. I've been trying to play this game for so long I found it on 3ds but it was NEW 3ds which I don't have my wiis lost and I wasn't buying the snes classic so I'm glad they put it on switch I'm currently playing it and am having a blast

  13. While I get thats why Itoi isnt interested in a Mother 4, Earthbound and Mother 1 are on the 3ds, and long before that Itoi was on record saying many times "Oh yeah I want Mother 3 to get released in English" and Mother 1 had a LOT of merch for a game in the 80s
    I really feel like sometime is going on here with Nintendo, I don't think there is a way to accidentally put a game on the… bare minimum number of services right?

  14. I can think of a few more NES and SNES games that should be on NSO:


    Mario Bros Classic (1993 PAL release based on the Japanese Return of Mario Bros)
    Clu Clu Land D (so far, its only western release was in Animal Crossing on Gamecube)


    Noughts and Crosses (airline/hotel exclusive)
    Hangman (airline/hotel exclusive)
    Postcard Puzzle (airline/hotel exclusive)

  15. Is it just me or does the Iwata video game they’re “working on” come across as a little in poor taste?

  16. I"m not sure why it takes them so long to release these. I'm able to play Mother 3 on an emulator on my home-brew Switch so it obviously wouldn't be very hard for them to port.

  17. I hope I will rescue the world from the outerworldy aliens and Gyiyg, the objective is to cleanse the world from alien forces coming from other planets.

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