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The goal for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was to break the conventions of the Zelda series, and so the opening section on The Great Plateau – a raised landmass representing a microcosm of Hyrule – was cleverly designed to showcase just how different this game is from what has come before.

On The Great Plateau players learn to fight, forage, cook, use their new Sheikah powers and think laterally, discovering that Breath of the Wild is defined by its emergent gameplay. The Great Plateau cleverly sets players up for success in the game’s sprawling open world, and in this Art of the Level, we explore how Nintendo’s designers achieved this impressive feat.


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  1. If the great plateau is the greatest game tutorial, then the trial of the sword is the greatest game sharpener ever. If you have any weaknesses “food prep” “parrying” “elemental adaptation” “stealth” etc etc will be sharpened like a surgeon’s knife. This is the greatest video game ever made by man!

  2. It’s the greatest part of BoTW, you can tell they perfectly crafted this segment then lost there way afterwards slightly, even having king rhoam was great but never to be seen again. They really missed out on the great personality and character of the Zelda series in BoTW even though the gameplay is absolutely perfect (after you get over the weapon breaking system that is)

  3. this video really makes you realize how big it was, and how well worked was every single thing, when you compare this with the new pokémon arceus, you really get to know what is missing on that game to be as greate as it was BOTW, gamefreake is in a massive need to rely on more studios to support the developmnet of his games if the want to achive something as big as Zelda made, its just no longer able to create AAA quality games without extra workforce, Zelda suffered the same problems that Pokemon, be a franchise repetitive traped in a same formula, but Zelda realy makes it out of that, and pokemon having a so obviously potencial of create the Final pokemon adventure, of create the same excitement that we see as a kid on the anime of go out and discover a world full of pokemons, its really not able to make it alone, it realy needs an outsider to make it posible, an it will be great if nintendo was able to mediate and be able to open this a little bit, make it happend

  4. It's amazing that we are 5 years since the lunch, and we are still dicovering, still talking about Zelda. Maybe it was normal in gaming back in 80s, 90s, early 00s, but nowadays it's unbelievable.

  5. On my 'hero's path' map, the Great Plateau is entirely covered. So much enjoyment, so much beauty, a incredible introduction to the best game I've ever played.

  6. If you could make a whole tutorial section not feel like a tutorial section, you’re doing something right

  7. I'm re going through the series at the moment, can't wait to get to this gem again. I'm playing skyward sword atm.

    Majoras mask and wind waker were a delight to play, even now.

  8. If you could make a whole tutorial section not feel like a tutorial section, you’re doing something right

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