What Is Lost Ark? | Is It Worth Playing?

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Lost Ark is releasing in a few days! In this video I am going to cover most important features of the game so you can figure out if it is worth your time. We will be playing on a shadowhunter and Berseker during the video and we will cover the following topics:

Intro: 0:00
Character progression: 0:51
Classes: 3:12
PvP: 4:49
Cash Shop: 5:46
What else can I do in the game: 7:09

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  1. I played it, was boring, and felt total like click this click that, mobile game. Not hating on people who like it but I won't be playing it more.

  2. PoE: indie company, 9 year old game, fluid attack animations with hundreds of enemies on screen at once.
    Lost Ark: new game, huge multi-billion dollar company, attack animations look 30 fps 😂

  3. Think I'll stay with MapleStory and Toram Online. This looks way too dark for my taste, and my computer probably can't run it, anyway.

  4. If you are playing MMO online to not be social, you are doing it wrong and you won't be as strong or experience all the content the way it was designed…as it should be. If you wanna play solo just go play a single player game. Can't stand that about people who instantly want to know if they can do everything in the game by themselves, why are you even playing a MMO to begin with?

  5. did he say the game is pay2win? i keep rewinding the cash shop segment but he either speaks to fast and doesn't enunciate. DOES, OR DOES NOT let you pay to one shot endgame?

  6. In the endgame do you HAVE to be in a party or can you go solo all the way? Or at the very least a random lobby system?

  7. Looks like everything I ever wanted in an mmo!!! Been so long since I tried I gave up searching for one (except maplestory, but to be honest lost ark seems better so far), however this is reigniting my passion for MMOs!! Thanks coppersan!!

  8. Gear not breaking is enough of a reason to play this game. Nobody likes losing hours upon hours of progression cause of a miniscule percentage.

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