We Talk About Bruno Encanto RP Games

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💜 Today We talk about Bruno because I’m checking out Roblox games inspired by the new Disney movie Encanto! I hope you enjoy this video.💜

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  1. Everyone to this video: says things about encanto
    Me in mind: I just love how she typed the title into “we talk about Bruno” instead of “we don’t talk about Bruno”

  2. What was ur fav part in encanto mine was Isabella getting all rainbow and Un-perfect comment down below and tell me plz! |

  3. Cookie that’s not all of Bruno’s room. Press on the black part of the room to see more of Bruno’s room ps love ya cookie

  4. We don’t talk about bruno nonono talk about bruno but it was my wedding day and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky no cloud’s allowed in the sky

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