Warhammer 3 Ogre Kingdoms Campaign Livestream

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Total War: Warhammer 3 early access livetream. Playing as Greasus Goldtooth on Legendary difficulty.

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  1. Cathay just sends stack upon stack in my campaign. I've taken your idea of using the rifts to screw them in the rear and give all the settlements to Tzeentch haha.

  2. You won't lose existing subs for not saying see you next time fuckers. We don't watch your content for your signing off slogan.

  3. The auto resolve issue isn't just a Legendary problem. It's just most prevalent in Legendary. Even on Normal and Hard, I still get 4-8 units wiping out 2 full stacks. It's pretty ridiculous.

  4. I’m sure real fans of you wouldn’t unsubscribe because of your outro. I doesn’t bother me either way. But I understand if people don’t like it.

    But if people are seriously gonna unsubscribe if you stop saying it. They need their heads checked.

  5. For the gnoblar guy. They are smaller weaker goblins. Ogres favour them cuz they can carry and thus steal less than goblins.

  6. The ogres would benefit from a stance like underway, especially as Greasus cause he is stuck in the mountains, but there'sno lore reason to have that, besides I guess…. mountain tunnels/paths? It would help a bit with the whole needing meat to survive but needing to move beyond your borders for objectives.

  7. Ogres have such tiny mouths for what we are told they are supposed to be. I'm beginning to think they are actually like cows or something, and just decided to start eating people when the farmlands encroached on their grasslands. Now they are incredibly fat because they aren't made to do this.
    Just a thought

  8. Hey Legend,
    Just came to tell you I like your new habit that you don't just skip the cutscenes, but let us watch instead! Thanks and good stream btw!

  9. 3:05 "Ogres don't shit…." The fuck they don't! You seen that scene in Jurassic park? You know, the one with the big pile of shit? Yeah that wasn't dinosaur shit. An Ogre broke into Jurassic and ate a few dinosaurs and shat them out while downing three barrels of Rum.

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