Wanderer VR – Full Walkthrough Gameplay – No Commentary

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Wanderer VR – Full Walkthrough Gameplay – No Commentary. I did a review of Wanderer VR here: since I recorded my all my Wanderer gameplay for the review, I thought I would also upload a Wanderer VR Full Playthrough as there lots of puzzles and some can be pretty tough. The game and wanderer puzzles can be played many ways so this is my version and solution of the game. Wanderer is available on PSVR and PCVR

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  1. I don't get it I put the transistor in right to access the elevator.. but nuttin do I have to hit the elevator button twice?

  2. I just kind of skip over to where I’m stuck and I can’t figure out where you get that purple frog. I’m guessing that’s what I need to solve to temple puzzle after diffusing the bomb (don’t want to ruin it all for me so haven’t watched that). Just can’t figure out where you get that purple frog.

  3. Thank you so much for this, it has helped me A LOT. The last puzzle is driving me crazy though, I only got one vial done, 😆

  4. Thanks for the gameplay! Can't wait to try this myself! One thing that really bugged me was the flashlight – it doesn't seem helpful as it looks like it's a circular-shaped white layer placed on top of other textures and serves no other purpose than looking like a flash.

  5. How did you get the bomb on the car?? Im stuck trying to blow up the cannon 😑😑

  6. Epic game. Nice work on this. Any chance you found all 100 shards or got the 20 jump street trophies? I found the watch for Deja Vu but can’t actually pick it up. Any ideas? Thanks for making this video for such an epic adventure.

  7. Good game so far, but I really do hate the light bulbs puzzle @3:58:42. Getting all the bulbs white, yellow to the corresponding green numbers.

  8. Amazing playthrough! But one question: i've used the RC car bomb to blow up the canon and the maya temple. How do you get it back for the tank in 1945?

  9. Could you tell me how you attached the C4 to the RC car? I can’t figure it out! Thanks 😀

  10. Thanks for sharing, im colorblind so this helped me quite a bit.
    Not even in the nonary games i was this stuck.

  11. Hi GT
    I’m playing this right now it really does make you think, it’s fun jumping back in time to get things you need to progress in the game God knows when I’ll finish it as it’s the time I’m getting better and I’m beginning to work things out and I’m not saying what the bloody hell do we do now lol

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