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  1. I was kind of meh on the first game after buying it. I felt like it was very uninspired overall. Was really hoping for more from Yoko Taro

  2. Ah, that disappointing it's practically the same game. I wish it was at Least a bit more difficult. I will probably still get it but maybe wait for a sale.

  3. Feel like I'm behind the curve not knowing this one til it was released. I liked the original but felt the dungeons dragged on later in the game. And considering I love the combat a simple as it is I'm so glad this series is being continued.

  4. Always appreciate when reviewers mention their thoughts on the sound design and music. Thanks for commenting on that aspect of the game!

  5. 4 hours in and it's alot more fucky then the first one at the same 4 hour mark by a country mile. The GAME part of it, is pretty much the exact same. They turned it out in a few months haha. So far, I'm impressed. I'm all for these budget titles from Taro, Okabe and Saito while we wait for…..whatever's next.

  6. a lack of customization, need for strategy or difficulty means I'll pass on this for now. Curious that they are continuing this series and so fast. Hopefully down the road we'll get something meatier, as the concept and interace elements are cute.

  7. Ohh I didn't know that there's a new one. I love the first one and I might buy this one too. Good thing I subscribe to your youtube channel and found out that there's a new one. 😀 Good review as always. Thanks

  8. I love the original game and I can't wait to play Forsaken Maiden. It may not reach the same heights as Yoko Taro's other works, but for a budget title I can't complain one bit. Easily on of the games I'm most excited for this year

  9. Was expecting the game would be harder or add difficulty selection. I hope the next one they'll make will improve that, still gonna buy it

  10. Is there any chance of releasing in physical disc? Or is it just another sign that companies increasingly release digital-only games?

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