[Vinesauce] Vinny – Classic Game Commercials #13

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Vinny discusses Classic Video Game Commercials live on Vinesauce!
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Stream date: Aug 28th, 2022
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  1. this is so weird. i just watched a jerma video earlier this morning where he talked about how Q-bert has it the worst of the classic video game mascots. and someone brought up he was in wrek-it ralph. then i watched part of this video slightly later and see you saying basically the same stuff about Q-bert lmao.

  2. There is a really good Majora’s Mask commercial where the whole world is waiting on baited breath for this kid to finish the game as the real moon is moving closer to the earth. Very intense.

  3. Man, what I wouldn't give to relive all this again. Growing up through the 90s alongside all this was something else. This and the Simpsons.

  4. The generated poops remind me of the old days of corruptions. A lot of shit, but a gem on there every once and a while so when it hits, it's funnier than if there was just a bunch of funny stuff all in a row.

  5. 8:58 I never thought I would see anything related to Maka Maka on Vinesauce, but here we are. A bit of context, Maka Maka is a Super Famicom RPG that is kinda like Earthbound except way weirder. Unfortunately, due to financial issues during the development of the game, the game was released in a sort of untested/buggy state, making it infamous in the Japanese gaming community as being the buggiest Super Famicom game ever released. It does have it's charms, despite the bugs, and someone was working on an English translation YEARS ago, but dropped it. It's a really interesting game to research and play if you use a guide (also it has a pretty decent soundtrack).

  6. disregarding the zorn, i'm starting to think that people requesting this segment is an elaborate setup to hear a grown man say "poop" over and over again

  7. Realizing that advertising worked after actually looking up StarTropics man if I'd been a kid in the 90s instead of an INFANT I totally would have rented that or bought it just based off the name. That name is rad even in 2022. Apparently not released in Japan though, which is interesting.

  8. Haha first French Kirby commercial was from Quebec and I recognize one of the actors lol I can't remember his name though

  9. watching those old japanese mcdonalds commercial burgers and comparing them to the slivers we have today depresses me.

  10. The Dekavita C commercial… um… that was kind of a ride. Like, watching the antics escalate as they go from sport to sport, thinking, "Wow, they made a Super-Bowl-length spot for Mario Sports Superstars, and it's actually awesome," and then at the last second, WHAM. Energy drink, smack dab in the middle of the screen, with no Mario Sports logo in sight. I have been tricked, duped, misled, and bamboozled

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