VEJLE 100% GREEN ENERGY! – Power To The People – 04 – Power To The People gameplay

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POWER TO THE PEOPLE gameplay: In Power To The People, we’ll challenge ourselves to provide electricity to constantly …


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  1. Welcome back! New City, and some new toys to play with too! – The transition to fully green power is faster this time, thanks to stronger winds, and cheaper turbines in this area. 🙂

  2. One thing I do wonder about is why wind turbines placed in the middle of nowhere or at least a good distance from a place where anyone lives are vertical instead of horizontal? Wouldn't a horizontal design catch more wind than a vertical design? If someone can explain this to me then please do.

  3. Yes! Thank you Charlie.. one thing that bugs me is people saying "Oh we watched the thunder storm" no.. it's a lightning storm you watched lmao.

  4. Fun fact.the White building in Vejle with 5 curves is called “the wave” I live 20 km from Vejle.. an almost pronaunce it right.. 😂

  5. Finaly a use for the flywheel capacitor, repalcements for overheating high voltage interchange, would look much better than the 3 x 3 of high power lines

  6. The very last 'e' sound of your pronounciation of "Vejle" was a little off – the first bit was spot on though! "Midtpunkt" was pretty good too – obviously not perfect, but very good considering the length of the word! "Hygge" as "hike" was way off but that is to be expected, haha.
    I actually live not very far from Vejle – it's where I have to get off the train to get on the next one when I go visit family (:

  7. The pop up for gas needing water is displayed when you place your generator, and it's placed in the middle of the screen.

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