Update 0.13.40 “Steel gladiators” | Crossout

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Meet the new major update Crossout update “Steel Gladiators” with a new PvP mode “Arena”, a new relic weapon “Ripper”, and a new season of the Battle pass! And remember, Survivors — the Arena never spares the weak, but always rewards the strong.

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  1. Hello been playing for 4 years now and I have a amazing idea I think y’all should add to the game, why not add a legendary version of the nest that penetrates through armor like executioners do or make the blight cab work with trombone especially since the rocket “HEAT” parts up, blight cab should really work with it

  2. 03:15
    first, hadron speeds up the reload of all mounted weapons by 15%

    second, the cabin averages the time of their reloading

    third, the cabin goes crazy after getting zapped by flash enemy

  3. Game has the best concept ever and can be very fun. Maybe nice team, I look forward to what the finger will be metas . The lack of balance and fixes is the problem with Crossout. Love this game but hate how the devs run the , Olly ckes in game no thx finis tis game

  4. Hey,i for some reason cannot play crossout because when i try to connect it allways crashes, i already updated the system,i already reinstalled crossout and it still doesnt work

  5. Hey there!

    Can you guys fix the rampant packet loss issues with your game?

    It has basically rendered the game unplayable for me for the last month or so, these issues started about September last year (2021). If this continues I don't think I will be able to play this anymore and that means I won't be buying any more Battlepasses or Car Packs.

    Please fix your game!!!

  6. If that update don't come to console today i will consider a lawsuit its on pc you sayed it would be available for everyone

  7. I did the Crossout update this morning on my PS4 and when I ran the game, it presented an error and did not open. I want to know what problem is this?!

  8. Im just sad the map of arena is not à real arena like a big post apocalypse Dome with death traps and fire launcher or somethink like that

  9. More Grindy more Pay to Win less reward for Skill. And worst Matchmaking ever. That is the way it was for Years. And it will be like this forever. They dont care for the Players as Humans they just whant Ther Money.

  10. I like this game a lot but its pretty underrated. This game should be more populer but even tho its fun but there should be a tutorial because the things are hard to figure out

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