Ubisoft is in really bad shape

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A new press release and financial report are foreshadowing a lot of trouble for Ubisoft to come due to underperforming sales from last year and a fairly large gap between major releases. All those details and more in this week’s episode of Roundup.

In other news; Xbox confirms a January showcase, CDPR settles a lawsuit with investors, Hogwarts Legacy is topping charts already, and Dunkey has announced his first game.

In the comments we talk about the potential for Switch 2 and the coming soon section has a dino cart racer, lots of Persona, and Fire Emblem Engage.

00:00 – Ubisoft is in really bad shape
04:34 – Xbox confirms January showcase
05:45 – CDPR settles investor lawsuit over Cyberpunk 2077
06:49 – Hogwarts Legacy is already a top-selling Steam game
07:52 – Dunkey announces the first Big Mode game
09:13 – In the Comments
10:08 – Coming Soon

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  1. Scuttle doesn't mean cancel, it means "to deliberately cause to fail" or in regards to a ship: "to deliberately cause to sink" or spaceship: "to deliberately cause to explode."

  2. Imagine if they put some effort into a game like The Division. The money would flow, but suits are stupid.

  3. I noticed errors in the latest ship hit the fan episode
    Patrick's statement about Malta being captured by the Allies is also incorrect, Malta had been a British Empire Colony since 1813

    The Royal Navy did not only lose the Eagle Class Aircraft Carrier, HMS Eagle but they also lost the Town Class Light Cruiser, HMS Manchester, C-Class Anti-Aircraft Cruiser, HMS Cairo and F-Class Destroyer, HMS Foresight in Operation Pedestal, or Convoy WS.21S as it was known

  4. It’s funny hearing this after a lot of people go on saying “their new games are good, you’re all just hating”… weird how this is happening to them if their games are good huh

  5. Well I bought a game from ubisoft still can’t figure it out how to install the game so that should mean something😂

  6. WTF? I tried to give them literally "all the moneys" in support of AC: Valhalla, but game + season pass + dlc + $40 of in game coins so I could get the Cool Shit isn't enough?

  7. One thing about the Ubisoft game releases. It lists a bunch of different games then "premium games"… Please for the love of God please just use premium as a random descriptor please we don't need more Diablo immortal premium game s*it.

  8. "Were having trouble adapting to the market changing to focus on live games" is hilarious because ubisoft is the live games company. The market didn't shift, you did, and now all your games suck. Ubisoft games are about to get way worse as they try to squeeze every penny out of them to make up for this. I say good riddance.

  9. Public reminder that EA, Ubisoft, and Activision-Blizzard are not Game Publishers or Game Creators, they're (Gambling) Investment Firms.

  10. Hogwarts legacy is ranked number 2 in sales on steam even though it hasn't come out yet? Did nobody learn from Cyberpunk?

  11. If they’re going to continue focusing on Live-Service trash, instead of making great, finished, complete games, like Elden Ring… then they deserve to crash and burn.

  12. Truly no youtube title could make me happier fuck ubisoft the number of games that were ruined because ubisoft was involved is to high
    Ruined some of my favorite game ips assassin's creed should've died after unity but no ubisoft beating that dead horse as long as I makes money

  13. When so many companies are making gaas crap, for you to think making your own to steal away whales is short sighted. Just make good games. Good stories worth telling, focused gameplay to tell that story. Don't make rinse repeat crap and sell skins.

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