Trying Out: Know By Heart | Gameplay & Commentary | PC

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Today we will be trying out Know By Heart game on PC. Commentary included.
Know By Heat is a calming game, by playing it feels like you can just simply relax after for example a long exhausting day.
So come and check out my Know By Heart gameplay.

This game was developed and published by Ice-Pick Lodge.

Time Stamps:
00:00 Intro
01:18 Outside
01:45 Older
05:12 Just a Dream
07:30 Kids
09:20 Going To The Station
10:25 Working
12:00 Aunt Galya
13:25 Asya
15:28 Helping Galya
21:02 Going To Asya
23:36 Assembling The Map
25:48 Finding Asya
27:00 Old Tree House
29:30 Pirates of The Pond
31:46 Snow Fort
34:26 Waiting For Asya
37:58 The End

Game Information:
Childhood friends reunite after spending a long time apart, revisiting old memories and rekindling their friendship. However, something beyond their control will ruin this reunion.

More Information About Know By Heart:


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