Trying Kingdom Hearts III Cloud Version

YouTube video

Here I try again another Switch Cloud Demo. This time for Kingdom Hearts 3 which is part of a bundle where you get two prior KH …


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  1. you can replay the demo unlimited times. Just skip all the cut scenes 🙄 and you can get much further to actually experience the combat.

  2. Nobody:
    Maybe Somebody: Can you do more cloud games on the Switch? PLEASE 🙏🥺
    Marc: *tortures himself by playing more cloud games*

  3. It would have been so fine with 1.5 and 2.5 on card or eshpp download versions instead of cloud. And having 2.8 and 3 for cloud only makes sense and is fine then but at least gimme the damn option to ply 1.5 and 2.5 without internet. Common these are ps2 Titels or ps3 even Ps4 like why switch is stronger than ps3 so yeah. Thx square I like the idea behind the entire collection its nice to have everything on one single place but it ain't the best on this console if the switch was any stronger and capable of running 2.8 and 3 natively or just adjusted for the system specifically then this would actually be the best collection ever made.

  4. I bought the Cloud version cause I love KH. I already knew it's going to run bad for me🤣 but I told my friends that love KH do not buy it.

  5. Haha back then people wished it was on ps3 but in 2015 I got a ps4 and I was preparing for KH3 they could have just added the same demo that you got on ps4 for KH3 and mayby some tuotorials for the other games

  6. Surprisingly they fixed a lot of problems that people complained about in 3 I haven't tried out 1.5 + 2.5,2.8 can barely run at least the dream drop portion it can run but still hits 30 fps sometimes and 720 p I haven't tried 0.2 yet but I hope they can eventually fix all the problems

  7. Maybe others will appreciate this, but not for me especially in my country where the internet so slow 🐢, definitely they should port it on nintendo switch, they were just lazy and want a quick cash grab

  8. Nintendo switch is garbage lmaoooooooooo

    Buy a ps vita and remote play this series from ps4 on a real hardware instead of this cloud Nintendo switch crap hahaha

  9. I got to Toy Box in Kingdom Hearts 3, the only things that bug me is that the cutscenes lag a bit but it's still not bad for the price I paid.

  10. Shame the games on Cloud, i rather have it hard copy of it, on cloud you can only play it at home and not on the go. Nintendo wasted there time on this. I might have to get that collection for PS 4 to get them all.

  11. Nice to see someone making a video actually PLAYING the game. so many people just ranting while on the home menu and its like. This does nothing fo rme. TY Marc

  12. I can't stand the cloud thing that Nintendo is doing with some games. To me it kind of takes away from the whole on the go experience of the Nintendo switch. Especially when you put games like Kingdom hearts on there. That's why I just went ahead and bought the Kingdom hearts all in one collection on the PS4.

  13. When you been waiting on KH to appear on switch and they give you cloud. Guess im going back to the PS bundle lol.

  14. These games can run on switch cloud games are trash and over priced the kingdom hearts bundle where I live is $120 you can get the collection on ps4 for $20 they need to stop releasing cloud games and focus on making games run on the switch

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