Triple Elemental Damage – The Vengeance Paladin in Diablo 2 Resurrected

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Triple Elemental Damage – The Vengeance Paladin in Diablo 2 Resurrected


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  1. It's unfortunate that vengeance sucks so bad. there's no real reason to ever pick vengeance over zeal, especially with this level of expensive gear. in all aspects, zeal works better. Vengeance CONVERTS its enhanced damage on the weapon to elemental damage, this means it completely nerfs all physical damage you would be able to inflict otherwise. This means that you lose on mana stolen per hit, life stolen per hit, crushing blow, open wounds, and deadly strike just by using vengeance. On top of all of that, Zeal will proc more aura pulse damage because the attack speed bonus it receives, vengeance has no such attack speed bonus. Even with the fact that synergies are shared between holy fire and holy shock with vengeance, that elemental damage boost doesn't come close to the amount of utility with mana/life leech, and damage from crushing blow/open wounds/deadly strike + more aura pulse damage procs.

    the devs really need to rework vengeance. it's got way too many synergies and investment needed just for it to be so bad.

  2. you dont have any fire/cold source, you wasted 27skill points in resist fire/cold
    150% on conviction is cap, every point else is wasted, too
    1pt in vigor missing for running in town
    pb grief is better option with draculs and for ignore targets defense
    use botd with loh – ias and 350% dmg to demons
    sunder charm missing
    corona too much str req – bonevisage better option
    sacred targe better option for shield, lower str req aswell and better chance to block
    missing points in salvation because of wasting, missing dmg
    pc skillers not necessary, sc ar/life/dmg/res/frw/mf you benefit more from
    you got too much leech on everything

  3. I build Mine with a coa for more DMG reduction and a zaka. He was basically unkillable. I could Just stand around in hordes and they would do nothing

  4. if you dont go dream you can use gface and hoz or exile are good also for a little bit cheaper options

  5. dream + dragon + exile for more damage, free defiance even high max res and life tap, and u can use ias gloves

  6. Hi you do great vides. One year ago i saw one of your videos and it broke me….the blasin video. I never played asasin be4 you made me do one…since then i try all there is and made a super budget bladesin hybrid that destroys the game with basicly no items ty for givingm me reason to play d2r

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