Totally Balanced Soul Ops Boss Rush Error Sans [Wave/Showcase/Gameplay]

YouTube video

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  1. You when you got pabol: time to use God mode now hehhehawwaw later then: now you got hyper yay:D.

  2. nice vid, i beated final someone carried me lol and hyper

  3. Error was so hard and ink even harder cuz i already beat wave error and ink and if no flame eye beat error and ink is very hard (aslo i meet you yesterday but i can't join you cuz you in vip server)

  4. This game Is really good only problem Is lag issue but they said that Maybe in next update the lag Will be fixed

  5. I’m tryna beat final insanity because his phase 1 isn’t that long but it’s kinda hard.

  6. Hey xin did u beat epic sans in undertale lost underground cuase i didnt see a vid of u beating him he is after underfell sans btw

  7. Lol now you know this game also you should do more gameplay and stuff when the game gets cool update i think it deserve a bit more attention than boss rush extended

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