Total War Warhammer III – First impressions

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  1. Mack is a hardcore fanboy and brownnoser for Sega and Total War, remember that, and take his reviews with a grain of salt.

  2. why do people keep buying this garbage copy paste EXACT SAME GAME just different textures is it the story ?! is it that good ? what is it ? the gameplay ? just play one of the other 999999999 versions of the same game ? how many total war games are out there ? it's almost like ea's sims 9999999 versions at least that ones a bit less repetitive.

  3. Mack, I have a question (and pardon my ignorance of the whole youtube process). When you can't release a review on or near launch date…does it eat into your profits? Is it because not as many people watch it some time after the release date?

    Thanks for the videos btw, your channel is one of my favorites

  4. They’ve done great job on these Warhammer games! I do wish they had a version based on D&D though, I’m just not that familiar with Warhammer.

  5. Mack I found this game called city-state and it looks very good you should try it,(also great video as always)




  7. Not sure why Mack isn't pissed off about the game being buggy and unoptimized at release. He seems really humble here for some reason

  8. It's not Total War Shogun 2 quality, but probably the most fun I have had since Atilla. The prologue is fantastic.

  9. Hey Mack just found a good one. Infraspace. Would love to see your take on it, I think it's right up your alley

  10. sorry but the game is pretty bare bones for full price, I want the game but don't want to support releasing the game in the state that it is in, have already played it and returned it for now, will likely wait for a sale since I can play other games for now. but kind of disappointed in what I got for that price.

  11. Only beef with it so far is; the Gamepass version can't link to the other 2 and DLCs I already own. And if they think I'm buying it on Steam just to do that they can whistle!

  12. For Some reason I feel the game lost immersion…
    More Cartoonish and more vibrant colours like Troy's graphics made me feel that I play a generic strategy game.
    I still believe WH2 is a lot better.
    Also, they could implement AI's diplomacy with WH2's Diplomacy UI. Troy's diplomacy has no soul…
    Also the whole map is less easy to read… The boarders are not clear… Too much "Show" less "Practical"…
    I believe the game is a good effort but… in the wrong direction…
    The 3rd wh is wrong set.
    I go back to the 2nd…

  13. WOAH your settings are insane, I had to crank mine pretty low just to get it to run decently and its still rough on the campaign map. Battles themselves run well though which is nice.

  14. I haven't played Total War before but fancy giving it a go. Is it worth spending 30-40 quid on TWWH3 for the tutorial and all that or am I better off getting the 2nd one for a tenner?

  15. The TW franchise has become to arcade I the battles and simplistic on the overworked. Not enough depth to the politics either. Could be such good games but they just fall flat now for me.

  16. I played some TWWH2, but since it was my first Total War game I felt kind of stupid and that there were so many variables and stuff I didn't know, which kind of put me off it. The game itself was great, but I just felt like an imposter while often frantically commanding my units around.

  17. Hey wab I'm in two minds about chernobylite ps4 I'd love to know what you think, your review on Kingdom come was something special and the hate was unfounded for a time + skill based game, lastly from little bits I've heard from you referencing a parter, same boat I'd love a series on games that keep your significant other interested

  18. Re: Units standing there after the enemy moves away a bit; your unit is likely on Guard mode (the shield icon on the bottom of the UI), they won't chase if on guard.

  19. Been running great for me, Ryzen 7 5800X & Radeon RX 6800 XT.
    My main criticism so far is the colour palette of the game, everything is so garish and saturated it makes my eyes hurt, the UI for TW:W2 was perfect. No idea why they had to go and change it.
    Other than that, so far so good!

    Just waiting on my Chaos Dwarfs now. >:D

  20. Remember people ! Instead of buying the game (wich will be nice if you wanna support the developers) buy game pass/xbox game pass and for 14 dollars/8 pounds a month you can play it whenever you like . I just put mine to download and i can't lie to you , I am pretty excited to come home from work tomorrow and play it all night .

  21. 4:40 If you're using the nvidia NVENC codec whilst recording (such as Shadowplay or a properly set up OBS), then it uses a seperate section of your gpu specifically for recording called the Video Engine. In such a case it would not be the cause of the lag. Probably the game or v-sync or you need new nvidia driver or all three

  22. Mack what did you do on Twitch??? "This channel is temporarily unavailable due to a violation of Twitch's Community Guidelines or Terms of Service."

  23. There's a lot of rumble about optimization issues, isn't RTX 2080 the minimum requirements for this one? I think I heard my fans spinning up for lift-off to escape just watching.

  24. Have to say you've let the side down here. Who doesn't check there junk for four days when there expecting something? Love your stuff but you definitely went in with a bad attitude here.

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