Total War Warhammer 3 Review

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Total War Warhammer 3 has arrived in a month absolutely stacked for games. This review covers anything and everything that came to mind so prepare for trees and menus.
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Bar fight animation by @sparkiegames
00:00 – Intro
00:15 – State of Launch
01:15 – Quality of Life Changes
03:10 – Tutorial & Story Premise
06:41 – Visuals
13:30 – The New UI
17:24 – Music & Sound Design
22:06 – Kislev
27:20 – The Realms of Chaos
33:39 – Khorne
38:09 – Slaanesh
43:31 – Grand Cathay
47:25 – The Siege Problem
55:52 – Nurgle
58:21 – Tzeentch
01:02:57 – Legions of Chaos
01:04:07 – Ogres
01:06:24 – Conclusions
01:07:37 – Credits
01:09:09 – Struggle Continues
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  1. Unfortunately the game is unplayable for me. For whatever reason, the first time I launched it, it ran just fine. But I was on my work lunch break and I just wanted to mess with the tutorial before I had to get back to work. Well, every time I've opened the game since that first time, the game is completely unplayable and choppy and will sometimes outright crash. So I'm forced to wait for patches because I'm getting like 1-2 fps. My rig doesn't suck and yes I've updated my driver.

  2. it wouldnt be a CA game if sieges werent broken and they just attack the fans for complaining about it… its been 10 years since empire and they never get around to fixing it

  3. I think the Total War is ready to dive into LOTR, so my biggest hope is that they get the game rights or are given them, and collaborate with Warner Bros so they can use the movies props. And for this game, its a buy, bugs and qol is hopefully being impoved 🙂

  4. Thanks alot for the review, this vid convinced me to wait a couple of months before buying it. Lets wait for mortal empires and a sale.

  5. Just installed it from Gamepass. Never used mods/DLC on gamepass not sure how that works to get the blood DLC.
    The new UI looks terrible. While yeah it was hard to learn all the screens this does nothing to fix that and actually made it worse. No one wants to read a bunch they want warhammer art with some #s and icons + or – real quick and easy at a glance

  6. If it's not a battle then you're going to be looking at these menus, always, making them worse makes basically the whole game worse.

  7. why do all the units look exactly the same. I'm sorry but i didn't like that alot and when certain beast group attacks it looked awful. i love to zoom in on battles so all the units being the same model not even having little differences between them did not immerse me in the battles so i refunded it. I'm just gonna wait 6 months for the full game and buy it again. and no blood, this is warhammer not a kids game.

  8. I've heard that the DRM for the game has only been added post-launch, so the performance a lot of the reviewers had isn't representative of the current product. Can anyone lend creedence to that? Or is this just people being salty?

  9. This only my personal opinion, but I think all newcomers that never played Total Warhammer before need to consider very carefully if they really want this. I was waiting for years to get on board of this train and finally decided to do that for third installment thinking that after so many years of total wars there would be enough innovation to justify spending so much money. There is not, at least for me. Underneath all quality of life improvements and graphics this game is basically SAME Shogun Total War. I know there is a big community around this title and I am huge fan of the setting itself but damn, I can't imagine how you can play this over and over and not get bored after so many total wars. Worst of all feels combat where the changes to the formula across the series are minimal.

    I played about 16 hours, had some fun, everything around combat is very pretty & looks good, animations are beautiful, map layer while gorgeous is nothing spectacular in terms of gameplay, though decent… but my god those battles are just clunky, boring, not fun, feel repetitive and all factions are very alike because at the core you have same infantry-archers-flyers-monster formula for all of them with some superficial global mechanics that are not enough to make them feel really distinct, and on top of that all heroes between factions have very similar skill tree. I fought like maybe 5-8 battles and I'm already tired of the same slog over and over and changing faction doesn't really change experience much.

    All in all, if you never played Warhammer TW before, maybe you shouldn't even start now – there is a non-insignificant chance that you would be disappointed. If you really wanna do this for the love of god PLEASE wait for the good discount and DON'T buy any DLC until you try the gameplay. This game is definitely not for everyone. Obviously if you'd like it – I would be very happy for you, just please be objective and don't ride the hype train blindly.

  10. Unresponsive units. Units all feeling the same. Unresponsive blob. Too many particle effects. Annoying AI 'agents' spam. No emotional connection with any cities or attachment to build queue. Archers that wont shoot. Sieges that are just as bad as shogun 1 in terms of pathfinding. A spell killing half an army…complex attrition. Cartoonish characterture** unit design. Linear skill progression. Couple off had reasons China TW studio is prefereable and I stopped perservering with WH.

  11. Thanks for your video, I played WH Fantasy 20 years ago and play 40K today, this game is not good if you know Warhammer, not to start about the chinese faction, since when did we need politics in games!? see my other post

  12. I dont like the Campaign itself.
    You have to wait for portals to apear and if you miss one you are kinda screwed.
    I play with Chatay, and they dont really have places to expand to, you just wait for armies to apear near the bastion and to portals to apear.

  13. WARHAMMER Fantasy is not a few years earlier than WARHAMMER 40K, its similar in so much things, but Fantasy is not the past of 40K, it is actually 2 seperate universes
    Khornes faction is certainly not lead by Skarbrand, it is a Khorne pledged army as Skarbrand tries to get back in Khornes favor, but Skarbrand is an outcast, directly outcast by Khorne himself, who ripped his wings off, that's why they are such a mess.
    this "we need to snuggle up in Chinas rectum" is no original Warhammer faction, it is just a sign how oppressive China is, and the backlash you get if you do not bow to Chinas claims "Why is there no chinese styled faction to play, as it would be a insult for a chinese to play something else!" this faction did not exist before WARHAMMER III just take a look into the Games Workshop online shop, no such faction

  14. You should make a video on the game foxhole one day when it gets fully released. I would love to hear your thoughts on the features, gameplay, factions, bugs and community.

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  16. I feel like the low res trees should just be the LOD textures for when you zoom the camera furhter away instead of permanently being a minecraft plant

  17. No matter the faction your objective is simple: <badass clip> barge in and make it even worse.

    I completely lost it when I heard that. Makes you wonder how much worse it'll get once Nagash makes his appearance. Also, where'd you find that clip?

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