Top 5 Reasons Elden Ring will be #1 in 2022 Analyzed

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Elden Ring is coming out soon and it has a number of big differences between Fromsoftwars other titles. Karak discusses and analysis the reasons why Elden Ring is different and also why it may be #1 in 2022

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Top 5 In-Depth Reasons Analysed on Why Elden Ring Will Be #1 in 2022


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  1. George rr Martin might be good at world building, but his overall storytelling is garbage. He uses cheap shock tactics and classic soap opera style surprises.

  2. I dunno man, the last 4 games I played were Mortal Shell, Bloodborne, Demon Souls and Sekiro (currently stuck on the final boss). I feel like I need a vacation from these types of games. I mean I can complete them, but even then I don't truly feel like "I got gud" 😳

  3. I gotta play it for myself to be sure but yeah it certainly looks awesome. I normally don't care for open world games or how they're designed most of the time. Not gonna front, the biggest reason I have any optimism for Elden Ring is down to the fact that it's a From Software game. These guys have mastered so many aspects of the action RPG genre it's not even funny so it's going to be very interesting to play their take on an open world.

  4. I’ve never played the souls games. I like the fantasy elements in this one. The combat seems similar, but probably a bit harder to the Witcher. You think this will be soul crushing difficult? I don’t want to feel like breaking my Xbox because of constant death, but I like a challenge

  5. I really feel concerned about what performance to expect.

    I am stuck on a GTX 970 and an i5 3570k with a moderate overclock. I ran Sekiro at a smooth and constant 60fps, but this game is doing a lot more.
    While I can run games with seemingly denser, more detailed open worlds without issue, I still don't trust these specs they recommend. I hope I can at least hold 60fps on medium/low settings at 1080p, and I feel I should be able to. The game looks nice ,but it is not densely packed. Not sure if I should buy it or just wait for the digital foundry coverage.

  6. I am one of those who just can't get into "souls like" games, my issue is mainly the gameplay which feels just very basic and clunky. – hit, hit hard, parry or dodge. THAT'S IT! Meanwhile, years ago, we had stuff like dragon's dogma in which i can climb on a griffon, set its wings on fire and crash with it while still fighting! I don't know, there is just something that doesn't click with me, basic "memory fights", one after another, just feel a bit dull to me.

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