Top 10 Worst Video Game Sequels

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These are my Top 10 Worst Video Game Sequels. For every game that has a stellar sequel, there’s a disappointing or money grabbing video game sequel. On this list are the games I have actually played, so let me know what you would put on your list for some of the worst video game sequels.

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  1. Am I the only one that liked Lightning Returns? Yeah it wasn't perfect but it was different enough from other entries that it offered something worth my time.

  2. For me has to be borderlands 3, actually in the "tales of" game they showed that they didn't know what pandora was all about or they just didn't care, and then with 3 nobody was really expecting to be as good as 2 but the way this game fails in almost every aspect is just unforgivable and I'll never forgive gearbox

  3. Surprised dmc2 didn't make the list. That's potentially the worst game I've ever played. I beat it in like 3 hours after having just gotten into dmc with the first one like a week earlier

  4. I liked MvC Infinite and Dead Space 3, but I definitely understand the hate they received.

    For me, DS3 just didn't bother me and I didn't discover the mass hate for it until after my friend and my obsession with it had faded. The lack of scares was lost on me. I'm sure having platinumed the first 2 games helps desensitize you to the scaring a bit due to multiple playthroughs (especially 2… oof), but the action gripped me pretty well and I loved the new weapon crafting system. I never felt compelled to pay anything to reach the platinum on that game, so the monetization issues were a non-factor as well. The co-op was a BIG plus for me since I had a Dead Space obsessed friend. Had a great time with DS3 for sure.

    MvC Infinite is a different story. Honestly my biggest issue with the game was the constant negativity surrounding it. As you stated in the video, the gameplay is actually really fun. I can see the disappointment moving back to 2v2, but I thought it was a good tradeoff with the new tag mechanics. I also was not disappointed by the roster at all, and I know I'm the minority opinion by a mile on that. I just didn't play the big name characters that where cut. Most of my favorites returned. Was it obvious that Marvel was interfering and forcing fanbase angering decisions? Yes, very much so. Those decisions just didn't impact me like the majority of others. The look of it also did not bother me much. Yes, some characters look rough close up, but I thought the game looked okay once the action got going. MvC3 didn't do much for me aesthetic-wise either, so idk.

    It's all about perspective I guess. I certainly have sequels that really bothered me. Sequels have the added challenge of expectations both from fans and producers. But if there's anything that proves that videogames are an artform, it's that no matter how hated a game is there's always going to be some people who enjoyed them.

  5. see, i can't help but agree with what you said about overwatch 2. however, i also can't deny the fact that regardless of that, i've been having a blast on the game! kiriko is pretty fun, ramatra is busted as hell, and sojourn and junker queen are actually annoying to play against, but they're alright to play with. i like the new maps as well, and i'm excited for the potential underwater map. never liked support much, but i'm enjoying it alot more with kiriko, and even baptiste and ana, and it makes me excited to see what support heroes they do this year.

  6. I also bought the collector's edition and those gem stones hurts to look at as a collector of marvel content

  7. I can feel entry #6 crying to go back to the first 2. While the first one of the game had it stuck on a linear path, the sequel improved and added a lot of improvement that made it nearly a definitive form, only to the third entry to toss it all in Whoville's Mount Krumpet AKA the DUMP

  8. I agree with you on the 13 games.

    FFXIII and XIII-2 were some of my favorite games of all time, XIII-3 feels like that obnoxious cousin that barges into a conversation barely knowing what's going on.

  9. Did you know that the microtransactions of Pvz2 were actually concidered by the actual pop cap team and not just EA. Let that sink in.
    I am at least glad that now you can get most of the content of the game for free, but still, the beginning state of this was such a dumpster fire.

  10. I will say it’s hilarious to me when people find out I really do enjoy all of the XIII games, I have replayed both XIII and LR many times and I couldn’t tell you why I enjoy them so much (I would replay XIII-2 but the PC port… yeah) I just really love the story and characters, and the combat in LR is my favorite

  11. For me, hands down Tales of Symphonia: Down of a new world.
    It's just would be a better game if it was it's own thing and not a direct sequel, but the fact they have to make the main protagonist of the first game completely stupid and not saying ANYTHING to his friends, just to fit the narativ of "his the main villain that killed the new MC's family" because his impersonated and apparently clearing his name isn't realy a priority…
    The fact that the main cast from the first game just accept that he's now a murderer without asking question when the new MC meet them and tell his story is just baffling… And insulting.

  12. EA = Evisceration Approved. I don't understand why people still buy games from this conglomerate of criminals.
    I haven't bought a single EA game since 1997. Even Korean developed games like Genshin (which is gambling not gaming) can't exceed EA.

  13. Overwatch 2 is in early access and PVE will be released later, due to the community whining for years that Blizzard needs to release the game.
    What the community got was what they asked for, an unfinished game.
    So this one is on the Overwatch community, not Blizzard. They simply had to due to public pressure.

  14. Hmmm I have never heard of that plant and zombie game. But that makes sense because it looks like it is for little kids

  15. Dilly dally shilly shally. Is that a reference to advent children? Literally the only person or character I've ever heard say that is Aerith, in that one movie.

  16. I didn't hate force unleashed 2, but I did quit playlist because of the end level. I want to fight the emperor but for some reason there was a glitch where if you tried to avoid the path to Vader to get to the emperor you got pulled into fighting Vader anyway, and the only way to get back there to try again was to slog thorough the entire level again. It really sucked for me and once I tried for the 10 the time I put the controller down and threw the game out.

  17. It's funny for the Force Unleashed. I agree with you: First one had an amazing story (and DLC) but left a little bit to be desired gameplay wise. Force Unleashed II was way better from a gameplay perspective, but the story fell a little flat. I highly recommend both games, just know that the first one is a touch clunky with a great story and the second one is really smooth, but with less of a story. 🙂

  18. i just wanna say Battlefront 2 completely turned around and became a great game. From around late 2018 to spring 2020 it was actually a very fun game with lots of content and support. im still pissed they stopped supporting it for bum ass BF2049. especially since the Celebration Edition rebrand had just revived the game and brought so much renewed hype and love.

  19. its funny, ea battlefront 2 gave me such a strong appreciation for the first ea battlefront game in retrospect lol

  20. Bro I loved OW 1 I played it for around 100 days and it sucks so much that the sequel is boring. There are so many points like friends of me and myself who were grandmaster or top 500 on xbox are ranked in at bronze 5 which doesn't make any sense by the gameplays or stats or the fact that 5 vs 5 don't catch up as 6 vs 6, it's the biggest letdown of the last 10 years for me because I loved the original. Such a shame that I didn't play OW2 for longer then 24 hours but I hate it. Pls give me back part 1

  21. As someone who’s played overwatch for 6 years frequently, I will say the actual gameplay of overwatch has drastically improved imo. It is disgusting about the cosmetics and sucks some features were removed and honestly it may be one of the worst “sequels” ever made in terms of actual content. Anyways thanks for the video Beard brah

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