Top 10 Great Games with RPG Elements

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  1. Fucking chaos legion. It’s the bane of my video game history. I, a huge DMC fanatic was so excited for chaos legion. No guns but still looking good. I bought it and played it for a week. Never got past the fucking tutorial. It was hard as fuck and I had no idea what the fuck to do……… beat the very first tutorial bad guys. Juego malparido hijodeputa. I hate I just saw the game cause all these memories came flooding back, and that anger still burns. I’m going to buy it and fuck if I don’t beat at least that damn tutorial

  2. can someone please explain to me why people were complaining that cyberpunk 2077 is nto an RPG? I have played the game and I think it has very strong RPG elements.

  3. If you own a Switch and you dont have it yet, i strongly recommend Astral Chain. Frenetic hack n' slash combat and solid rpg elements like enhancing your equipment, teaching skills to your companions, etc.

  4. I'm curious the line you have to differentiate an action rpg and and an action game with rpg elements. Astral Chain is the game I'm thinking of.

  5. 10k views ain't bad for a vid like this given your channel size. Don't be too discouraged. I just bought Dusk Diver thanks to your coverage.

  6. Have you tried Kamen Rider: Memory of Heroez? It may not be game of the year, but I think it's a game fitting enough to be dubbed an RPG worth breaking down

  7. Some great games are shown off here in this video. I still need to put my time and dedication into playing and finishing Hunted: The Demon's Forge; it's a title that I've been wanted to play for ages!

    Also, Dungeons and Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara is wonderful! I own it on Wii U, but it certainly deserves a new release on current platforms. It's too good to be forgotten!

    Thanks for the video! Keep these types coming! 🙏

  8. Love your content and thanks for bringing up dusk diver. I never knew about it and it has a similar vibe to the world ends with you. Truly a hidden gem

  9. So, I was today old when I found out Fate has games, now I wish I hadn't gone blind even more than I already did, I love the anime series' though the stories often seemed disjointed, maybe cause I was missing context provided by games. For games with an RPG element I recommend Alpha Protocol, made by Obsidian Softworks and Sega for the ps3/xbox360 gen consoles, and I think available on Steam. 3rd person shooter about espionage, with upgradeable equipment, a level system and skill tree. Also ainteractive story.

  10. Boy, imagine my disappointment, after buying Hunted 'cause it was made by Bethesda, after playing Fallout 3 and Oblivion ^^

  11. Hey Erick I wanted to thank you for the recommendation "Hunted" I loved that game and I find it quite refined and polished

  12. I played Chaos Legion when i was a kid, it's really great i spent so much time playing, the graphics and gameplay is so cool specially summoning different legions.

  13. Having played Castlevania 2 for the first time recently, I’m greatly curious as to how a remake of that game would be like.

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