Toeris Passes Her First Test With Flying Wraps! | Legend of Keepers #39

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First banner done, ezpz.
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  1. Hello and welcome back to Legend of Keepers! Toeris' first banner comes to its epic but expected conclusion. Turns out those Servants are useful after all, eh? As always here are the combat timestamps: Return To Your Grave, Necromancer — 4:04 | Cami Bears Her Fangs – 8:23 | The Forest's Protector Gets Put In The Ground — 13:56. As always, I'm still adding any name recommendations to the list, so feel free to share 'em if you've got 'em — thanks for watching! :3

  2. – for future reference, Psycho Imps could be named after any number of "twins" bosses who act as a single entity–my personal pick, in sort of keeping with the desert-y theme, is Lelantos from Full Metal Furies
    9:59 I kid you not, for about two seconds I thought you meant the Grief Weaver–then I remembered all the crazy shit kiervets has done with Ashara, and THEN I remembered all the shit you've done with Ashara, and I ended up feeling a bit sheepish

  3. I have been wondering this for a bit and can't find an answer. What does a monsters power stat do? Since a monsters dmg is already tied to the ability itself, is the power stat just fluff?

  4. Could name the servant "dobby" ?
    I'm not a hudge harry potter fan, but i feel there's something there with that name.
    If you want to stick to the wow theme: Donal

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