TOE TOE TOE TOE TOE – BMW OP – Assetto Corsa Competizione

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Simracing is difficult. Learning how to drive fast takes time, dedication and persistence. Assetto Corsa Competizione is one of the best simulations with highly sensitive aerodynamics that want to be respected. Telemetry, such as motec helps with analyzing car behavior and finding major issues in the car setup or driving style. Special sim racing hardware also helps with becoming better, but certainly is not _the_ solution to your problems. Load cell pedals offer better feel. Stronger but most importantly more detailed force feedback of e.g. direct drive wheels offer more immersive sensations. Though I know and I’ve seen throughout the years, people with entry level hardware perform on top level.


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  1. I used to drive the Ferrari almost exclusively till 1.8. I'm not an "e-sport fast" driver but I could do low 1:44 easily on Barcelona. After the patch I can't get within 2 seconds to my PB whereas in different cars I can do that easily without paid setups and hundreds of laps. The Ferrari just feels twitchy and slow now.

  2. Almost 3 hours of running basically the same lap time lmao … “ how is it possible to keep running the same lap time “ hearing you say that made me laugh

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