Three things Assetto Corsa Competizione does best!!

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Hello everyone, Ben here and welcome back to the channel. This is a new series with Race Department, taking a look at what different sim titles do best. Today we’re exploring Assetto Corsa Competizione, so sit back, get a mince pie, and enjoy the three things that I think make this game does better than any other in the genre. And let me know in the comments if you agree!

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  1. I just recently dipped my toes in sim racing, albeit on console, and I started with a gt omega racing stand and a T150 wheel. Unfortunately It has been collecting dust because I bought PC2 to play and I really don't like it. It's not horrible but it feels like a game that's hard for hard sake and not because it's realistic. I have heard that ACC is better in this regard and I have a soft spot for GT cars so would you recommend this over PC2? I really want to find a game I can enjoy on the regular and PC2 has not been it.

  2. After switching the view from cockpit to bonnet as fixed the sense of speed in acc. Now there has been another update 1.8.9 the m4 now feels amazing. Tyre contact, ffb and graphical immersion is really very impressive. I can only see me using raceroom now when the bmw 235i and audi tt series are on.

  3. I'll have to give it another shot. Early on in development, the limited variety cars/tracks and terrible VR pushed me away. Admittedly, I've never been a fan of GT3 cars. But I've been hearing good things, and I know AMS2 has improved dramatically. Great series.

  4. I don’t really enjoy driving GT3 cars (or GT4) so I rarely play ACC. Also it’s not an enjoyable experience in VR, or not on my PC anyway.

    On the rare occasion that I do play ACC I must admit what a brilliant experience it is, but it just isn’t really my cuppa tea.

  5. I only play ACC now and I know it's specifically a Blancpain Series licensed game, but I really feel expanding into IMSA and adding Nordschleiffe would make ACC the most attractive and desirable sim out there.

  6. Great way to approach Sim Racing since there is a lot of really good racing games!!! I started racing 6 months ago and i bought most of the major titles because they are all good in certain aspect and they deserve a try. We are lucky, as racer, to live in a era where we can enjoy racing different cars and tracks for a price that is still way under real racing!!! Thanks for you objectivity and positive mind.

  7. ACC is definitely the best sim. As a fan of GT3 and GT4 racing, having a sim like this is a blessing.

    Still, i think Kunos should add some small but important things. I want to be able to play more than one championship at the time. Swap driver with the AI in endurance races is a must, also to be able to retire the car without having to wait for an endurance race to end in real time is important.

  8. I totally echo your three points about ACC…since 1.8 update and its wealth of race confuration options it has elevated the SIM to my go to jump in on my own racing enjoyment
    Have you thought of a counter series to balance the three best bits with a 'three worst/lacking bits 'series?

  9. Great Video! I never tried ACC as its just GT3/4 and these are the most boring cars in my eyes, but maybe i should give it a try !

  10. I have owned ACC for a long time, still haven't played much. I don't know is it the intensive graphics, a bit too much for my humble PC. But somehow I find AMS2 a bit easier to adjust settings to my liking. Maybe it's the GT3, I know it's popular, but I find it meh. I will say that physics and overall feel is great in this game, though,

  11. Now I don’t know if it’s the 1.8 update, or simply that I’ve gone from console to PC, but I’m so happy to have purchased ACC on the PC. It was terrible on the console, the 30fps cap made it look awful and I could never get the FFB correct. I uninstalled it from the console, I just couldn’t connect with it. Now on the PC it’s a whole different story, I am a lot more consistent and comfortable with ACC, I feel that I can actually push with the cars now, it no longer feels like I’m driving on ice, and the brakes actually work now, brilliant.

  12. please stop it! stop doing these reviews! after watching a few reviews, including yours, of ams2 with the recent big update i felt compelled to buy it. i had to delete fernbus to make room but, hey, it was worth it. really love it especially as i have now found a decent radar for it. now, after watching this, i feel compelled to buy acc too lol. it will have to wait til i buy a new pc but i now have the motivation to get that done pdq.

  13. Ehhhh….
    Not sure I agree on the presentation issue. Never did like the GUI in ACC, and searching for a specific car/track combo in MP is a bit of an adventure.
    (And of course, R3E sounds are better. This is just a fact. 😀 )

  14. Another excellent video Ben, this one's your best yet but not because I'm driving the green Macca around for a minute in the vid….honest!

  15. great video. this series of videos have been great. i really like this sim purely because i love GT3 cars and like you said, ACC does it best. although i am really trying to expand my sim racing horizons. the only thing i really disliked was the multiplayer, until lfm came along!!

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