This Secret Bleed Weapon & Ash of War Combo is INCREDIBLE – Elden Ring Lifesteal Blood Tax Build!

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The ‘worst’ Blood Ash of War is actually surprisingly amazing! Enjoy!
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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak can wait for now as we delve into Elden Ring and its Elden Ring gameplay with this Elden Ring guide and Elden Ring tips tricks and Elden Ring location and Elden Ring bosses and Elden Ring location how to and Elden Ring best weapon Elden Ring dex build Elden Ring best dex strength build Elden Ring bleed guide Elden Ring bleed build Elden Ring best bleed build Elden Ring blood tax ash of war location build guide Elden Forked Greatsword location build!

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  1. You gotta stop making builds with both Millicents prosthesis and rotten winged insignia that's been patched. For anyone that can't possibly get both, this build is missing a major contributing piece.

  2. I am convinced that this channel will go through every weapon, saying its secretly OP……. Still finna watch it tho

  3. I used it on the cross nagingata with a greatshield (no skill on the shield) so I can block all the time and use the blood buildup ashe of war fast. Its a great ashe of war

  4. When you lean heavy into dragon communion, you're left rather stretched for stats, leaving you leaning into either faith or arcane for your melee damage options. Which meant that if I didn't want to hemorrhage even more FP than what my breath attacks were guzzling, I needed to lean into bleed a fair bit for level clearing. Blood Tax was fun for a bit. I slapped it onto my Flamberge and had some giggles. The healing wasn't significant enough to rely on, unless I went the Malenia build route and stacked heals on hit with heals on kill.
    So here is a challenge for you, Josh. If you wanted to use spells and spam weapon arts but never wanted to ever have to touch a blue flask, how would you go about it? Can you become an FP vampire? 😀

  5. I'll never understand why we keeping seeing Bleed videos but no one ever talks about how OP the Fallingstar Beast Jaw is. Its literally the most OP weapon in the game. It kills most enemies in 3-4 hits of the Ash and every boss gets stagger locked in 3-4. Just spam the Ash and its GG. Get it to +9/10 and pair with Alexander's Shard and you're set….thats it. Everything else is optional.

  6. I use it on nagakiba25 occult + fat finger shield,so efficient and easy to play,for example this 4:30 enemy will down in 3 thrust,but yeah it's not as fun flashy as your build.

  7. @2:20…. that's EXACTLY why I don't use that weapon. The range sucks donkey balls. Even if it's charged, it's hella weak. You'll see videos of it "melting" bosses, but it sucks. Repeating thrusts ash of war on a +25 cold lance is great too.

  8. Found that sword yday on my brand new playthrough and was literally considering this ash of war weapon combo. Cant wait to actually do it now! Got both!

  9. Shield pokers: Use this move on staggered enemies with bleed heavy thrusting swords or great spears instead of crit stabs for INSANE damage. Add a swaddling cloth, ritual shield/sword talisman to benefit from the good heal it provides.
    It's also really good with Antspur rapier for bleed/rot build up.

  10. Currently, I use two sets of raptor's claws, one with Storm Stomp and one with Impaling Thrust (the latter works pretty good in PvP since most wouldn't expect a sudden lunge from claws).

    I used the Blood Tax quite often during my travels through Leyndell. But I'm curious – since Impaling Thrust works on claws, could Blood Tax work on them as well?

    Need to test that!

  11. Hey guys! Another great video!
    Anywho there is an ass hat going around claiming to give out ps5 pretending to be rage gaming and they are trying to scam for “shipping money”
    If you see anyone reply with “reply to the what’s app number above” and their pic is the rage gaming pic they are scammers. Please report!!
    Hope this saves someone from possible loss of money / identity/ god knows what else..

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