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  1. I'm a silent watcher. No patreon, no nothing, for anyone.

    But play more of this, because of me, anyway daddy ❤️

  2. Yes, it was Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest where you had to kneel down at lakes or a cliff to drain lakes or be transported by a tornado to a different location, respectively.

  3. Ive been having a blast with this game. I hope it gets harder for me. Soundtrack and pixel art is fantastic honestly

  4. I beat the good ending the other day and just beat it today on ultimate good. Apparently this game has lots of codes/ ‘cheats’ which I gathered from xbox reviews. First day I read to use the Contra code and you get to play as a different character that makes the game 95% easier

  5. Downloaded this earlier for free 😌,, love the soundboard for this game, brings back those 16bit memories, the difficulty isn't for me tho I suck 😅 got stuck doing a side quest boss thing in the farmhouse

  6. This game is a winner. Was expecting gamepass trash but I got hooked and couldn't put it down until I finished a playthrough. Bosses are fairly easy but dungeons get pretty hard about halfway through. Just grind to level up and buy the extra lives when you can. They are permanent and restore at the save points. Game throws some tricky platforming at you but other than that I recommend it 👌

  7. At first I was like 20$ for this? After watching the like 20 minutes you did(other then the summoning boss looking awful but maybe the damage up woulda helped), might pick it up.

  8. Try The Messenger… it's like castlevania and Ninja Gaiden had a baby raised it in a comedy club that always had Rodney Dangerfield as a headliner. The game really makes you feel like your a bad ass Ninja…

  9. Pretty sure this is on XB GamePass, kind of ignored it but I gotta say you make it look fun! Maybe I'll try it out.

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