This new 2d game is a gem

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Mago: The Villain’s Burger First Impressions
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Game: Mago: The Villain’s Burger

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Mago: The Villain’s Burger Gameplay


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  1. The charm of these 2D pixel games paired with the 8bit music just gives me such a peaceful gaming experience even if the game is beyond hard

  2. I've never played games like this when I was younger, but I recently tried out some games in the succubus seried which are like those NES games but a tiny bit more refined. I thouroly enjoyed them

  3. I recommend you give Binding of Isaac another shot. I know you tried it once a year or so back but you missed around 98% of the game, and that's without mentioning the other 3 DLCs which expand the game 5 times as much.

    btw if you do end up checking it out again, the wiki is your friend.

  4. Hey Mythy, I know you did a lot of Pokémon rom hacks buut. I suggest you check out Pokémon Phoenix Rising. For know it's in beta but it's pretty fun for a fanmade

  5. Graphics have never made a game good. Nor have bad graphics ever made a game bad. This is art no matter what way you put it. They may be an acquired taste but pixel games can still be very good, and this is surely going to be a gem.

  6. Very cool Kanye. Mythy! Your videos show up never on my feed. It's quite depressing. Thanks for the constant uploads tho. Miss you!

  7. I mean I'm 26 and I still play GBA and Nintendo DS on Emulators on phones and PC. Some of them are too good, and sometimes that art style fits it the most.

  8. Day 71 of reminding Myth that he's the best and to drink some water my guy! 💜🧙‍♂️💜🧙‍♂️💜🧙‍♂️💜🧙‍♂️💜🧙‍♂️💜🧙‍♂️💜🧙‍♂️💜🧙‍♂️

  9. What about " Singularity "?
    Will you play this game?
    Year 2010, cool game from Raven SW and Activision.
    I recommend it.

  10. That was sweet! I'd be down for a full series when it comes out. I can tell you had a lot of fun and that always makes videos better.

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