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What is Crossout, well it’s a Mad Max themed game that let’s you build your own combat vehicles. You can unlock a wide variety of parts that you can use for destroying your enemies. If you like building cool cars and vehicles you should definitely check it out.


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  1. Great video man! Thanks so much for covering CO_Driver 🙂

    CO_Driver currently supports the following functionality:

    *Fully filterable user profile

    *Sortable detailed match history

    *Meta feedback (see what works and fails against you)

    *Build feedback (see specific build performance)

    *Test drive weapon comparisons

    *Revenue analysis with coin revenue calculations based on CrossoutDB data

    *Fusion cost calculator

    *A sortable list of every part you currently have unlocked, setting your level in "Settings" will limit the parts you see to reflect your current level.

    *Part assembly tool (to help you theory craft)

    *Clan war and Brawl schedules adjusted for your current time zone (no more converting from UTC to local time)

    *Live file tracing (see what logs CO_Driver uses to build data as you play)

    *Uploading match history to CrossoutDB

    *Full localized support for 8 languages (English, Russian, German, French, Hindi, Polish, Korean, Greek)

    *18 Beautiful themes (Mr Gusano theme added in celebration of Mr. G himself)

    *All tables can be exported easily to excel

    *Many other smaller features too tedious to mention.

    I'm also working with CrossoutDB to build detailed profiles of all of those you face in match. If you choose to upload, a profile will be updated for all 16 players in match. I currently have profiles built for 83,000 players, check out your own at I am currently working on developing leaderboards and meta analysis based on that data, the more users we have participating the more meaningful that data will be 🙂

    My Discord can be found below if anyone has any trouble at all, or any cool ideas of what they would want to see. I'm happy to answer any questions.

    In about 7-14 days this program will be fully trusted by Windows, I paid $550 for a EV Code Signing Certificate issued by windows. I'm just still waiting for some of the paperwork to clear and I need to go see a notary. If anyone has any concerns I welcome them to wait to install a week from now or compile the fully open source code themselves. A link to my GitHub can be seen below.




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  2. OMG !… Amazing App… but TMI for a simple guy like me… This Guy needs to go to work for NASA or the CIA !!!!
    Awesome Job on your App !!! 🙂

  3. I usually just leave when i see rotfish on the other team. Hell be playing some variation of his worm build with hard to strip max separtion and/or embedded or sunken weapons…i play auger build almost exclusively too : / but thanks rot this is a neat tool

  4. Too bad it's not for console. If the dev team actually had any brains, they would have built this on a long time ago.

  5. too bad it seems to go off of files stored on my pc, but even with that i wouldnt know my true stats, only for what logs are left on my pc as unfortunate as it is

  6. getting the fusions during special events is the way I go. When you have a guaranteed set of upgrades, it's worth it. I have 4 hulks ready for whenever there is an event for them. Reload speed on that will be fun…

  7. CoDriver is amazing! On that sceen on 5:17 which you had up for 1 second, you can see how much damage you did on each player with each weapon type! So if you have an art build with a cannon, chord and synthesis, you can compare and see which weapons performed better. And a hell of a lot more

  8. You really cannot thank people enough for sharing stuff like this… So kind to the community when they have spend so much time creating it. Only to let us have it for free… Thank you

  9. This is scary and I hate that others can see my stats. Now the toxicity is going to get so bad. One reason I left world of tanks was the xvm. One reason I love XO so much is the lack of stats.

  10. Imagine if crossout mobile let you work on your console builds from the mobile game and it saves to the console game….being able to work on builds any place at any time would be epic

  11. Man, I'm really starting to wish that Crossout-related videos would include
    " (PC ONLY) " in the title when discussing PC-exclusive features of the game. SO MUCH of the info on YT and the forums is USELESS to console players, especially pertaining to the Market. Like yeah I already know; we're inferior. Plebs. Just tired of wasting my time learning information, only to find out afterward that it's useless info. Such a let down

  12. It looks cool, but I'm not thinking I need this as I do well already. I don't have to be the best, and I like the challenge of doing the work myself. With that said MOST of your win rating, if you are interested in that kinda thing, will come from your effort in team support and team based actions in a team based game! Promise if you flip ppl, play the objective and be respectful in game while working as a team you will get better stats and become a better player. Fact!

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