The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories is here! Yay!

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We react to The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories trailer! I think it kinda made me teary at that renewing of vows. What do you think?
Thank you for watching!

*I replaced the original trailer music with a license free track.
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  1. You can make your own wedding cakes even before this pack, just make a gourmet tiered cake an add a wedding topper. Hoped the the wedding toppers from this pack look better though.

  2. I love the bride clapping like a looney in the back while the flower girl goes down the isle :))
    But sims clapping like looneys always make me laugh.

  3. I am beyond excited for this pack. I went out of my way to build an inn (the Farhampton Inn from HIMYM) to have my first rag to riches sim get an extravagant wedding. The only thing that we actually accomplished was getting married 😂 I’m building up their kid now so she can be the first to experience the full wedding experience lol

  4. This has nothing to do with this review, but are Gavin Richards and J Huntington III guests at the wedding? At 13:05 it really looks like them as the ring bearer is walking down the aisle.
    Well, the man on the left most definitely looks like Gavin, right down to the formal wear – the other is more of a passing resemblance to J, especially with That Hair.

  5. Pleaseee do some kind of drama filled LP with twists and turns no one expects. Please spill the literal and figurative tea of this pack 😂😂

  6. I'm very excited for this wedding pack! It looks so beautiful! I've already got lots of wedding ideas and renewal ideas! ❤💒👰😍👫👪❤
    I do feel very sorry for the people who won't be able to play this though. I think everyone should be able to play this wedding pack! 🌈 Sadly, there's nothing we can do. 😔

  7. Lol not me coming from James' video with him being like ehh not the pack for me, it's nice but lack of interest just to see Deli's interest and emotionally getting into the trailer like I did. haha at least he's right Deli does love the pack haha. So cute!

  8. I haven’t seen any comments yet about the ring that’s worn while the Sim is making a wedding cake!!! We see in the trailer that the guy does NOT propose to her with this special ring so maybe it’s a premature hint that their engagement doesn’t last long anyway?!
    Anyway, that ring is stunning and I really hope it’s an option in create a sim!

  9. am I the only one who doesn't care about the whole russia thing? there are a plethora of countries that don't get sims either due to their crazy government. how is that a Sims problem? they shouldn't have to censor or back down on showing lgbtq images, even if it means the lgbt in those countries miss out. sorry, your country sucks and there are many that don't get to play it. it shouldn't be censored in any way

  10. Very disappointed that this pack will not be released in Russia… I think we deserve such a nice gameplay and new items😭

  11. dear Deli, huge thanks to you for supporting russian simmers in twitter! we don't understan either, why this decision was made, and (eh obviously) not every russian supports homofobia and the actions of their goverment, even not every Russian lieve in Russia! i'm for example, will be not able to play on my native langugage because of this sad and tricky situation. thanks again for your kind words, you are sunshine really!

  12. Lol I know this trailer was supposed to be happy but she cheated on her fiancé and kissed someone at their wedding😂 that’s not ok

  13. Just got married in April and the song they used was our wedding song! Definitely made me teary eye 🥺🥰 I can’t wait for this!

  14. So does this mean that the guests WILL actually sit during the ceremony and not stand around? 🤣 I really do hope so. Also wondering if they will be able to walk down the aisle.

  15. I love how literally everyone is SO excited about them all sitting down😂😂
    And the nails
    Represents us simmers so well, we're crazy happy with just small details😂😂

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