The Sims 4: My Wedding Stories Honest Review

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presented by EA Creator Network, Not the final version of the pack

00:00 Intro
00:29 Create a sim
05:45 Build Buy
08:33 The World
14:33 Gameplay
24:19 Should you buy?

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  1. The amount of South Asian stuff I'm seeing in create a sim, did they hire someone who's sa? They've never had it before but there's been a lot more recently

  2. Sims 4 is literally consider a avatar/building game at this point. I can’t find no gameplay. If game does have gameplay it buggy. Only reason I play because of mods.

  3. My sims will cause drama at a wedding because as soon as the get flirty they cheat…absolute whores 🕺💃I didn’t raise em this way 😩

  4. Aside from things others have said I'd like an event like try on the dress.
    I do think after putting things like a headscarf they really do need to add more bridal accessories that aren't attached to the hair.
    Like others have said missed opportunity for drama of golddigger. Or maybe even a option during the ceremony for your exs to interrupt a wedding to profess their love and give you the option to choose to be a runaway fiance. I don't know maybe it's not a thing they can do? I miss the drama of sims 2 weddings.

  5. Other than the standard hair pulling drama of weddings, best thing I had was finding out my partner had a kid after the vows.

  6. A long vale for western weddings would have been nice. The vale we were given is more for a trouser suit than long flowing white dress. Wheres the tiara's at? Also agree it should be separate from hair.

  7. They dont add collectables to worlds anymore??? Wtf they dont add new wants or desires anymore, they don't add collectables, traits are rare, these packs are so lacking I would never spend money on this ugh

  8. it feels more like a stuff pack than game pack tbh, it doesn't give us much gameplay wise and I'm not a fan of the world, feels kinda cheaply made

  9. It’s incredible that the gamepack was supposed to release today…and it literally wouldn’t have been ready or working.

  10. I'm in full agreement that it's lame for all of the events to literally be basically the same thing, just different titles. Like, no buffs? No aspiration points? Pretty disappointing. It really does feel like I could just have done all of this without buying the pack. Actually, I know of cc events that have more interaction than these. Unfortunately, I only figured this was going to be Dine Out all over again…everything is great, except for the most important part which is the gameplay. I'm actually afraid that a lot of this isn't even glitchy, it's just poorly made.

  11. im sorry i cannot get over the rainbow thing,,, do they think that gay weddings just have rainbows splashed everywhere?

  12. I’ve been tweeting asking for a wedding pack for so long – 100% because I just wanted Sims to actually sit and witness my friggin ceremonies… and they make it and it’s buggy as heck. flips table

  13. With the clothing comment about how you should have to buy it, I think it'd be cool to have certain clothing be required to buy it for it to show up in your characters wardrobe. But everything else just be automatically added it in.

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