The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories Create a Sim Items (Game Pack)

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New Gowns, Tuxedo’s, Hairs and RINGS! Let’s check it out 🤍 No Commentary

Choose a Sim of Honor and get ready for a whole lot of fun and planning. There’s a lot to do before your Sim’s big day. Tour venues, taste cakes, and choose the perfect flowers! You’ve also got events like engagement dinners, rehearsal dinners, and big nights out to look forward to. With My Wedding Stories you’re not just throwing one party—you’re crafting a detailed love story that reflects your Sim’s taste.

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0:04 Male CAS
2:19 Female CAS
6:51 Kids CAS
7:15 Toddler CAS

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  1. Hello 🤍 I decided to do a no commentary create a sim overview for this pack. In this video I quickly go over you each item and their swatches. I wanted to leave out my opinions/feelings and have this as more of a reference video for this specific pack. There has been controversy in our Sims community due to Russian Simmers not having access to this pack. EDIT: I am happy to announce that all simmers will have access to this pack February 23. The link below explains more ✨In respect to the sensitivity of this matter, I wanted to still give the opportunity to view these items in a digestible way for those who still want to see this pack. If you comment negatively towards me or anyone else in regards to it, I will not respond as this is a safe space for my viewers.


    I hope you still enjoy. Not my normal lofi music – something a bit more upbeat 😅 Please feel free to comment below your thoughts on these items!

  2. These are done quite well😮, I love that they included Indian clothes and the hijab. There could be more items for children, toddlers and teens though.

  3. I love these so much! I really wish they included a kippah, but these styles are so exciting and I especially love the new male hair.

  4. Watched pixelade live stream yesterday loved the cas dresses and traditional attire & pastels . Thanks for sharing !❤️

  5. love it buttt it would be cool if they had big puffy dresses for arabic weddings, but idk if thats possible in the game

  6. Thanks for this! The dresses were actually prettier than I initially expected, so that made me happy. I still can’t get over that there’s not a single loose veil that goes on the back of the head 🙈 So many different cultures use them. I’m a little bit sad. One of the gurus hinted that there would be one, but I guess they couldn’t make it work.
    On the plus side I love the new hairs and the toddler stuff is to die for ❤️

  7. Some of the items were really cute, some i felt meh about. I wish they added the veil as an accessory and some of the dresses don't feel modern at all but that's fine cause we got CC anyways i guess. Let's hope the gameplay isn't hella glitchy, it's all I'm asking. I love the LGBTQ+ design ideas, but the execution was poorly done 😭

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