The Sealed Ampoule – Launch Trailer | PS4

YouTube video

The Sealed Ampoule is a “dungeon agriculturalization Rogue-like game” combining elements of dungeon exploration and clicker-style gameplay.


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  1. Anyone got issues with the trophy in this game ? Been searching for info about the game and can’t find a thing. I have three trophies left and they show at 0.0% !!!

  2. Oh look another PS4 game ,I've had a PS5 for almost 2 years. Maybe you shouldn't have released a system early that you knew you couldn't resupply, and now you have to be propped up by your PS4 base still!

  3. I don’t know why but when you look at the animation of her moving and fighting, she looks very stiff. Like she’s too tall for the place she’s navigating.

  4. Зачем было прекращать производство игр на ps3, когда выходит такая шляпа?

  5. i hope my channel big like you broo. I upload game playstation too, like a gameplay or walktrough. come and see guys 🙏🙏🙏😁

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