The Saddest Otome Game? Clock Zero ~終焉の一秒~ Ex Time [Review]

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Clock Zero Shuuen no Ichibyou was first published 2010 on the PSP and PS2 and has been successful and highly praised ever since, and so also was ported to the PS Vita 2015 (the version I played with added after stories and one additional route) and to the Nintendo Switch 2019 (CLOCK ZERO ~終焉の一秒~ Devote – with additional stories about their middle school life).
The game takes place in 2010 as the 12 year old Nadeshiko has to attend supplementary classes and starts having dreams about a future world, that lies in ruins. And it is then, when these worlds begin to intertwine.
This unlocalised Japanese otome game by otomate/オトメイト, idea factory is said to be one of the saddest and tragic otome games of all time…
I don’t know if it’s one of the best otome games, but I would definitely say it’s an otome game recommendation!

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00:00 In an unreasonable world… – Setting
01:07 you meet 6 classmates – Characters
05:32 who sound and look like… – Art
07:49 what will make you feel… – Tone
09:36 you might also cry about the difficult language – Learning Japanese
10:36 to cry or not to cry – Verdict

Music: Clock Zero BGM (ヒカリノアシオト、、もうきっと、ずっとさようなら、さようなら、A cat may look at a king, 真実への鍵)


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  1. oh that game I have it in PS2 back 2010 but ==".. sigh I didn't play it shame on me XD
    Idea Factory's arts are always the best ! I used their art colors as a reference in my drawing !
    I really adore their art the cover of the game is enough to make me hold it and never let go! XD

    smile at spoiler 😀 thanks whahahahh XD

    wow they keep up continue the game ==" I"m too slow my bad

    let's see if I had time oneday
    thank you for review!

  2. interesting overview of an intriguing looking game. considering how popular this game is in Japan it's surprising it hasn't been localised yet. will have to pick up the switch version when my Japanese improves!

  3. Ok. WHY my reminder did not worked?! I am ANNOYED, Youtube. I WAITED FOR THIS. 🙄
    As for review. First, You already know, that I LOVE this game fully and truelly. I laughed SO HARD, when You said STOPPING TIME , as first I thought about was my mobile fav, VICTOR (from Mr Love Queen's Choice)!
    It should be obvious, but it only down on You, when someone makes You SEE IT, so I understood, I ALWAYS keep jumping 'time stop' motived games and they become my fav. 🙃
    I even, just slightly, considered, if my beloved MLQC did not took roots in PAPERGAMES staff liking CLOCK ZERO, half jokingly. 🙃
    I know it is known motive, but 4 of 5 my absolute favs (along fe NORN9 and Hakuoki… Seriously, Hakuoki on switch should appear, doesn't metter of old 'it will switch on Your fridge soon' joke, as it was ported on EVERYTHING.) seems to have, one or another way 'time motive' involved.

    Another thing is, when I heard You in 4:34, I felt, as if watching myself. 🙃
    YES, those ALWAYS FRIENDLY either ends being most SUS, that gives them depth… Or just makes them MOST ANNOYING CHARACTERS, if nothing change. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Sorry for NARUTO comparition(at least with Sugiyama Noriaki it is somehow in track with topic xD), but it is same, when Sai appeared later in Sasuke's place in team 7. 🤷🏻‍♀️
    By face, they were suppoused to be same, but Sai was just SO FAKE with learned kindness it irks You.

    With mean characters U KNOW, they are honest. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 😅
    And yes, they usually starts to treat mc way, You SEE They are special for them, after well developed plot point break through moments.

    Like in NORN9, Akito treated Nanami like should enemy, until she show, that she CARES.
    If guy is ALWAYS nice… How BORING IT IS. 😂

    Sad to say, but I HATE pushovers(apropos, nice shirt ☺️), they don't let me RESPECT THEM. And it is important. 🤷🏻‍♀️
    Even Hazuki Kei in this legend TMGS(and Midorikawa seiyuu 😁) can be NOT NICE…Oh, sorry. I just remembered, that he is ALMOST ALWAYS not nice, even if created on 'Prince character'. So me liking him makes no point. 😅

    And AGREE. Taranosuke is BEST(closest to Sasuke 😅) of Sugiyama Noriaki in OTOME game.
    Like in Cendrilion Palika, I LIKED character introduction, but that 'Cinderela' of all characters, even in 'bad guy monologue' made me LAUGH.

    Almost as hard(again, great review, I laugh couple times, also I like Your 'old classy england accent' talking about OTOMES 😉) as seeing You put Nakaba pic in, when saying MOST OF THEM with annoyed face. 🙃


    Ps. Yeah. Especially TESTS can be killers, but same was in Hakuoki SSL (I spotted on Your shelf 🏆), for us, NON-NATIVES LEARNERS. 😅

    Thank You for covering. Wait for new interesting games reviews, like older ones (I will not nag You, but Your opinion on Hakuoki(KW and EB), or NORN9 LOFN also interest me. You have great, funny style, that I 'dig'.

  4. This video was so enjoyable and funny to watch, I couldn't stop smiling, great video ❤
    Omg, a poster boy who isn't boring, that's unexpected 😮
    And omg unpredictable characters… am I in heaven? 😆
    Honestly, I wasn't too interested in this game before, because art and school setting put me off, but now after watching this video it has really piqued my interest (and these unpredictable characters have nothing to do with me suddenly getting interested in this game… no…. not at all… not at all… I d-deny i-i-it 😭). I'm adding this game to my (never ending) to play list 😂❤

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