The Pharaoh: A New Era demo is absolute fire

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I played through all 4 missions of the demo for “Pharaoh: A New Era”, the upcoming remake of the AMAZING classic city building game and its DLC “Pharaoh + Cleopatra”. These are lightly-edited highlights from my stream. I did my best to cut it down, but it still ended up over 50% of the stream content, so… make of that what you will. I love this game.

The original Pharaoh was the first video game of substantial size I ever played, and I played it a LOT, so I was extremely hyped going in to this.

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This video is NOT aimed at kids. It may contain adult language and/or humour. Proceed with caution.

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  1. Corrections for 20:00, when I talk about the "sidelock of youth", an aspect of Ancient Egyptian culture. I was going off memory of what I'd read a while ago, which wasn't as clear as I thought it was. 😛 On research, I found I describe some aspects innacurately: there were many ways to wear the sidelock, not just one (although braided on the right was most common), and it was not just boys that wore it.

    See the Wikipedia page for more info:

  2. They need to completely scrap the character designs: it all looks like some ytttihS, cheap mobile game. Cartoony does not equal good.

  3. This is so nice! But I agree with the look of the characters. It makes it feel like a simple pay-to-win mobile game.

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