The Nords vs The Hundred Kingdoms. Conquest Last Argument of Kings

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The Nords and The Hundred Kingdoms! Tycho and Nick square off in a 1500 point Conquest Last Argument of Kings Organized Play match. Objectives are worth more points the deeper they are into enemy lines.

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Come on this journey with us as we play this highly strategic and fun tabletop miniatures game. We will be learning and playing several factions that came from series sponsor and game creator Para Bellum.

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  1. I wouldn’t worry about William’s accent changing. He’s from the Hundred Kingdoms; that’s a hundred accents to choose from!

  2. I know these don't get as good views as the 40k stuff but I find them even more fun to watch. The back and forth nature is very quick and entertaining

  3. "Theist Priest" is a redundancy that makes me snort when I hear it. I guess one could be an "Athiest Priest" I suppose. Or a "Gnostic Athiest Priest" "THERE IS NO GOD! GOD DOESN'T EXIST! PAY ME TO SHOUT AT YOU ABOUT THE NON-EXISTENCE OF GOD or GODS!" lol

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