the most hated area in Elden Ring

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this game has literally driven me to an early grave.
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Intro 00:00:00
Nokron 00:03:27
Valiant Gargoyle 00:05:55
Retrieving the Mimic Tear Ashes 00:21:30
Valiant Gargoyle 00:28:29
Deeproot Depths 00:40:24
Ainsel River Main 00:50:25
Talking to Ranni 00:51:44
Carian Study Hall 00:54:19
Devine Tower of Liurnia 01:00:11
Ainsel River Main 01:01:46
Nokstella 01:04:31
Nokstella Waterfall Basin 01:21:27
Lake of Rot 01:28:53
Grand Cloister 01:34:31
Astel, Naturalborn of the void 01:38:50
Moonlight Altar 02:06:06
Glintstone Dragon Adula 02:10:29
Dark Moon Ring 02:14:40
Moonlight Altar 02:18:33
Alecto, Black Knife Ringleader 02:21:25
Altus Plateau 02:29:33
Magma Wyrm 02:51:27
Hermit Village 02:57:16
Altus Plateau 03:00:44
Wormface 03:06:24
Altus Tunnel 03:10:53
Altus Plateau 03:19:23
Godskin Apostle 03:21:29
Altus Plateau 03:24:14
Old Altus Tunnel 03:25:18
Sanguine Noble 03:34:19
Altus Plateau 03:36:13
Seethewater Cave 03:43:52
Gelmir Hero’s Grave 03:49:46


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  1. 1:02:00
    Charlie : "Why did I get a Miniature Rani ?"
    The Other Half of The Elden Ring Fanbase :
    (Looks at Moist Flask with Tarnished Intent)
    "As a reward for our hard work, obviously…"

  2. The best part of the whole video is that there is a hidden shortcut right to the end of the Grave just opposite the finger weapon (where he went first)

  3. 18:19
    "I fought The Mimic Tear, I fought Darkcicle"
    Petition to rename "Darkcicle" to Charlie. As a reference to Charles Slmccl's IRL Copygoop,
    Charlie "Burgers" Slimecicle.

  4. Chat : "Your Shelves are Crooked" [0:56]
    Charlie : "Fuck You !!!"
    (Some attacks may break an enemy stance)
    Charlie : "Goddamnit, I put those together,
    that might be true…"

  5. My dorm roommate just randomly became a huge Rick and Morty fan, and the dude doesn't use headphones. This has resulted in me coming to the conclusion that, the more I listen to Charlie's voice, the more he sounds like Morty.

  6. The goblin of unlocking just went around the map opening all the sword stone imp key doors apparently.

    I really wonder what caused this bug to happen.🤔

  7. hey there slmccl! i was wondering if you could ever play subnautica? i think it would be fun if you did.

  8. I have officially decided not to go to the spag-….the spa…..the um the yeah that the um spag….uh rigatoni coughs

  9. This convinced me to start watching the entire Elden Ring playthrough, I’m going back to episode one so see y’all later

  10. another title for the video: "a man screams about 'worms taking all the damn dirt' for 1 hour straight, and commiting several acts that probably go against the geneva convention"

  11. Charlie’s whole speech about how influencers should stop just slapping their name on merch really hit home. I like supporting creators but I typically rarely buy merch unless it actually looks good and doesn’t scream “THIS IS YOUTUBER MERCH”

  12. Love how elden ring has a bucnha dungeons n suchlike that rely on precise platforming and weel-placed jumps, despite having the worst out of combat movement i have ever had the misfortune of needing to use

  13. I love how Charlie just routinely stumbles onto the worst, most annoying areas and bosses. Man has the worst luck ever.

  14. 3:37:00 You've gotta be kidding me. I've also been using afrin the whole time I've watched this video, and two days before. This is the worst possible news

  15. i fought wormface the day it came out and i hadn’t seen the grab/eat attack and im glad i only saw it once via second hand

  16. I love how Charlie goes to ranni after he found her dead body and just goes. “Dang I guess she’s not here”

  17. can someone count the amount of runes charlie has lost because i stg everytime he enters a fight at zero runes i scream at my monitor like that image of Walter White yelling inside the car

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