The Majora's Mask First Time Experience

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I’m no longer the last person on Earth that owns an N64 but hasn’t played Majora’s Mask.
►My PC Setup:

Prank him John quote by calebcity
Dancing Ganon animation by TerminalMontage
Dancing Joker from Joker (2019)
I’m a flower song by Crying Day Care Choir
Fairy wish prince audio by StamperTV
Until I put on the mask quote is from The Dark Knight Rises (2012)
Thought he was a Deku scene from My Hero Academia
Journalist stuck on Cuphead tutorial is Dean Takahashi
I’m gay green suit guy is iDubbbz
TF2 heavy eating chips animation by anonymousgamer
Use kids to commit your crimes quote from Vsauce
Dancing spider girl is paulalmao
I wear a mask and visual audio from Dream
Alien scum guitar audio is the Duke Nukem 3D theme by Megadeth
Laying eggs anime scene is Ishuzoku Reviewers / Interspecies Reviewers
I’m fish music is It Takes Two To Tango – Pull Up Your Jeans
One eye’d bloody monster quote is demoman from Team Fortress 2
I’m a crazy audio is FilthyFrank
No little German boy audio by Funnywes
Haha Johnathan you’re gonna die quote by Contendo
Falling from sky scene from KSI – Down Like That music video
Townsfolk POV scene from At Eternity’s Gate (2018)
Moon ride audio from Spongebob
Blowing up the moon scene from Dragon Ball Z Kakarot
Why shouldn’t I keep it audio/scene from The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings (2001)
Outro music is Goth by Sidewalks and Skeletons
Outro music link:

The game being played is The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask (Gamecube collection which is the N64 version)

#Zelda #MajorasMask #Nintendo64


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  1. i played this game many times and i swear that i do not rememeber seeing those majora blayblades and that throw xDDDDDDDDD

  2. Does everyone remember the most badass shit link has?

    thats right it's Hestu's gift

    jk i meant the "Fierce deity mask" Litterally turns link into a god

  3. Good very good and only took you 21 minutes and 42 seconds now, could you get the Fierce deity's mask and actually beat the game please?

  4. I like the subtitle edits these videos do. Like at 4:20. That little bit of detail goes to show how much work is put in, because I know that took a while to do.

  5. Get a better emulator. No, not the switch version. Also when I first played this game I had no Idea what the hell I was doing. I chased after that purple haired dude over and over thinking he was wearing the mask the sales man wanted.

  6. The real first time play through is spending 3 years of your childhood before figuring out how to stop being a deku

  7. Honestly I keep giving up on this game just because I don’t know where to go. I was stuck on finding Magic Hags Potion Shop and now I’m stuck on what to do in the Wooden Temple

  8. "this cant be his first time"

    Guys, we were dumbass kids in the late 90's and early 2000s. These games spelled it out for us but we sped through dialogue and hints.

    I've gone back and played older games from my childhood and its ridiculous how easy they are when you just read dialogue lol.

  9. That's quite the complement comparing skull kid with the Joker. I mean the skull kid and Ganon are okay villians but the Joker is one the best villians of all time

  10. @pongsifu 12:46 The girl in the ranch is actually high. Her big sister drugged her so she wouldnt feel pain when the moon crashed on earth. You should look into the hidden stories in this game, this one always brings a tear to my eyes.

  11. I know Indeimaus already memed Automata, but it would be dope to see you play the Nier games, especially since they remastered Replicant.

  12. 16:04 To answer this very important question with a fun fact. She has no legs behind the counter, this freed up polygons to further detail elsewhere.

  13. Thank you so much. OOT was the first video of yours I saw and I have been waiting for this since.

    Soooooooo…. Wind Waker? <3

  14. This was fucking hilarious, I'm definitely going to check out another video after work hahaha, if I like three videos, I think I'll subscribe

  15. Finally YouTube recommendations doing something right 😄 Good job on the video, it was really hilarious 😂

  16. best zelda game ever! as a 90s kid grew up with OOT and MM it was soo nice to have 2 zelda games in a row that connected eachother and felt soo alike with graphics and characters

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