The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Graphics Comparison (N64 vs. Switch)

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Zelda: Majora’s Mask is nearly on Nintendo Switch thanks to the NSO Expansion Pack, so let’s see how its graphics compare to the original Nintendo 64 version, recorded on authentic hardware!
Note: N64 was recorded via the EON Super 64 HDMI adapter.
Video by: Andre
Thumbnail by: Tom

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  1. Majora's Mask typically emulates pretty well because I believe it used a more upgraded ways of doing things than OOT originally done.

  2. Not gonna lie, if u pause it at 1:05 and look in the area behind Epona it does look better. The fog rendering actually looks like it might be increased vs decreased like it was in OOT. Though you never know…. they coulda edited the trailer before uploading it. Guess we'll all find out this week! crosses fingers

  3. Real nice ! Would love to see the comparison with the GameCube port of the game which was in the Zelda collector's edition promotional disc

  4. Some of the textures in OOT looked like real world pictures put into the game so the cleaner look just made it look kinda ugly. MM textures look a little more hand drawn so the cleaner look of the emulator doesn't hurt the graphics as much.

  5. mmm i dont like to much this, becouse nintendo has the better one, the 3ds versión. they could make a merged versión between the two versions, but no they just add the old one mmm….
    I have the 3ds version so i dont care to much, but i see the 3ds is waaay better than this one.

  6. Is it possible they are using the version of the game that was on the Zelda Collectors Edition? That version was very clean from what I remember.

  7. N64 looks more mysterious/natural for me, but that's just a small thing and I generally don't care about graphics. Can't wait to play it again!

  8. Pass. Not worth my time playing. One of the hated Zelda games ever. It's very annoying Zelda game.

    I'll wait till twilight princess comes out on Nintendo e shop to download it.

  9. So excited for this! Like everyone has said here, it looks REALLY clean! I prefer the original over the 3DS version anyway so this is an amazing thing! Thanks guys for doing this side by side comparison!!

  10. I think Nintendo has done it! The game on Switch looks amazing, it's exactly how I remember playing the original game.

  11. Everytime gamexplain does an n64 graphics comparison it’s like they go out of their way to make the original look worse than it is. Do they just do it for views or do they not care? I don’t get it

  12. I like thise game and I think it's great, but they could've done the 3ds version in 4k instead of the n64 version.

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