The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask comes to Nintendo Switch February 25th

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Race against time to save a doomed land in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, available to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack members from February 25th!

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  1. Is this game really coming to the Switch and not just Nintendo Online? Sorry but, I am a sceptic because I always heard about Twilight Princess & Wind Waker coming to the Switch and now I hear that they aren't going to be. If this is for real then my son is going o be very happy cause he loved this game. I am just mad at Nintendo because they did a lot for the Mario Anniversary and you can see all the Mario games that came out for it and when Zelda has it's Anniversary, they hardly do anything for that. You just hear one thing & then another constantly so, I don't know what's true anymore coming out for the Switch when I hear some of hyped game is coming out & never does.

  2. If you put a copy of majoras mask and a bottle of milk away when the game first came out, the milk will have aged better.

  3. Thanks for absolutely milking the release date Nintendo. Release date in February. So knew it was gonna be one of the last few days. Called it, nintendo you are a garbage company.

  4. I enjoyed Ocarina of Time immensely, but the time clock and constantly having to follow the online walk through was a major turn off in Majora's Mask

  5. Love the game, but I have no interest in paying the ridiculous extra cost ontop of the NSO base price to rent a bad emulation of it.
    Thank goodness for the MM HD mod. Needed an adapter to make a back up of my old cartridge of course, but so much better and free!
    Bring back the Virtual Console and put some effort into updating these roms Nintendo, you're getting embarrasingly outclassed by fan modders!

  6. Twilight princess would of made more sense. Who doesn't want to play tp in portable mode. Majoras mask been portable for long enough.

  7. Personally I think they missed a trick not releasing this trailer on 22nd (72 hours remain) But I'm stoked to play this again.

  8. I'm looking forward to this. After playing OOT properly for the first time when it was released with the expansion pack, I want to give this game a go.

  9. ok im confused as i just checked the nintendo switch online estore and theres no mention of this game on the site i checked all over it and nothing

  10. Can't wait to play this version of Majora Mask for the first time, hopefully they add more changes to ocarina of time on switch like the fog

  11. This trailer is truly beautiful! Take a look at Nintendo of Japan's standard trailer, it's what they do for most games. This one, however, does justice to the game's themes and feels. Didn't expect this.

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