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Well, folks…it’s time. Adam Sessler finally confronts the albatross that is Kingdom Hearts III. Will he find that his heart truly is his guiding key or will his sanity be destroyed by the lore heavy story and saccharine tone? I don’t know the answer, so why don’t you click that play button and find out?

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0:00 Cold Open
1:34 History of Kingdom Hearts
3:54 Review and Score
12:31 Jefferson and Joe: Voices of Dissent

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  1. Lol it’s crazy Adam says he never played it when I literally remember the first trailer or teaser premiered on XPlay over a decade ago along with the FF7 Advent Children trailer. And I absolutely lost it. (I know that doesn’t mean he’s played it I just thought it was wild)

  2. Kingdom Hearts gets by not on its plot, but by the sheer visual of seeing Final Fantasy and Disney meeting in an interactive world. Pair that with a genuinely good combat system… and that’s where all the good ends.

  3. Between the plots of Tetsuya Nomura, Shinji Mikami and Hideo Kojima, it seems like storytelling in Japanese video games has become an exercise in convolution.

  4. Honeslty he really shouldn't have done this without doing the first Kingdom Hearts which started it all. Sephiroth was the best part of it.

  5. As a long time fan of Xplay since.. jeez the gamespot, techtv, and G4 daze. Seeing Adam's review of KH3, there is a lot to comprehend, connect, and put together, when you just want to enjoy a game. When it becomes homework, you just want to turn off your brain and enjoy it.
    I too have played KH3 from start to finish, still left with lots of questions. Also R3mind being made as a dlc, that was a dumb move. Should have been unlockable by completing the game itself. I still have not played or bought ReMind because KH3's ending already did plenty of famage.. that was it. Credits.

    How to get another chance, for a different ending, when it becomes more frustrating to play after what you already experienced.

    I already had enough with Yoko Taro's way of storytelling. But for KH3 to take that move.. you already did enough.

  6. that cold open really got me. sets the tone perfectly lol
    7:28 alright im fucking dyin thank god for G4 literally the only good thing to happen in half a decade at this point

  7. Adam don't even worry about KH3 not being accessible to newcomers. It's hardly even accessible for people who been following the series since the first game because at every turn Square has done whatever they could to stretch its narrative across multiple platforms for over 20 years. They only just recently decided "Hey…maybe we should actually make these games less of a chore to get, put them into collections for home consoles, and maybe make it easier to follow the overarching narrative". They have done that, and now it's easy to see that the story of Kingdom Hearts is just dumb and pretentious.

  8. I was big fan of Kingdom Hearts. I stuck with it and defended it probably much longer than I should have. But the final straw for me was that X Back Cover short film from Kingdom Hearts 2.8. I was already feeling drained and exhausted from all the the nonsense going on in Dream Drop Distance, but the ending of Back Cover was where I was just officially done with this series. Of course, I still played Kingdom Hearts 3 because this was a series that I was with since I was 8 or 9, and I figured I already stuck with it for so long I might as well see how it ended. I couldn't even enjoy the gameplay anymore because it was just too much bullshit at this point, and it was also extremely easy since this was probably Sora at his most overpowered in regards to abilities. After finishing Kingdom Hearts 3 there was no feeling of satisfaction. It just made me feel like I wasted about 18 years of my life following this damn series and all I got was a wet fart for it.

  9. Yes, KH3 does very little welcome newcomers. But that's also because they re-released all the other games in so many different packages in an attempt to get people caught up. I mean, it's 11 games. I cannot think of a way they could have summarized all those games to help newcomers in a way that wasn't going to be an expository mess (which I'm sure Adam would then complain about)

    That said, the discussion afterwards is actually a pretty good discourse.

  10. 3 is the absolute worst place to start with the series from a story perspective, tbh. But I knew Adam would 1 it and that's okay! Sometimes, things you like aren't for everyone and this is one of those things.

  11. Loved the first two games but never got into any of the others due to the god awful combat systems they threw in. Picked up 3 and was super hyped but turns out all those other bullshit games for random systems are required to understand the story. Probably won't ever actually finish the game.

  12. They honestly could have taken off Pirates of the Caribbean and Hercules and include anything else as a world. The collesums was a lot fun but a whole world of Hercules is barely intriguing, that and I am a guy who loves mythology but this game did not need it as the first world overall at all. And Pirates of Carribean was just a big drag of a world. If anything exploring Atlantis again with Ariel and having it be some type of musical mechanic involved would have been way better even though we already have with KH1. Toy Story Monster Inc And Frozen I believe we’re the better levels even though I knew nothing of Frozen when I first played it but it still felt like it deserved its spot there because of its popularity, even considering how popular it was back when the game first came out. The other maps were fine. I felt like they could have thrown older worlds back at us but I guess they’re trying sell the storyline in a more present state.

  13. KH3 is only good in the context of KH1 and KH2. Meaning, KH1 and KH2 are so good and fun that in your desperate attempt to relive those games, you'll put up with the Disney corporate shill games like DDD/BBS/KH3. 0.2 is actually one of the better, simpler ones. The rest of the games are trash period bye. Also the story doesn't make sense, the entire plot of the first game got retconned so everyone gets a keyblade

  14. I can explain it to you… Granted, I'd take 3 hours. But I mean 11 games worth of lore can't be explained in a paragraph. I mean look at Metal Gear Solid or any fighting game series ever.

  15. I played KH 1, 2, CoSm and finally 3 all 100 percent in a row 300 hours… and I still dont understand the story… at all

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