The King of Fighters XV Review

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King of Fighters 15 is not the most ambitious or revolutionary fighting game to come out in recent years, but what few changes have been made to distinguish it from its predecessor are done well. Its biggest triumph is its great rollback netcode that makes the classic franchise a heavy hitter when it comes to online play.

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  1. The most important question of all wasn't answered by this review…

    "Is there a COM Vs COM mode!!?" If not then meh!

  2. This game is great. The inputs for specials are way more forgiving, although Angel’s inputs seem to be wonky still.

    And the multiple paths for auto-combos make it far more inviting for new comers.

  3. Unpopular opinion : I'd really like to see these Classic 2D fighter games evolve the single player aspect rather than just being built for FGC players. Like Early Tekken games that offered Tekken Ball, Tekken Bowl and Tekken force, or Mortal Kombat during the PS2 era where we had Chess Kombat, Puzzle Kombat, Motor Kombat, Konquest mode, Kreate a fighter etc. Sigh…I guess its just one-and-done story modes and online matches or go F**K yourself these days…

  4. kof 2002 was a masterpiece of fighting games and the best fighting game ever. Since then the newer versions feel off specially the auto combos should be eliminated from the series as well all fighting games.

  5. First off this game looks like crap guilty gear strive looks and plays 1000x better than this game what a disappointment

  6. The netcode alone for this game is a 10/10 for me. It also seems that the game has connection detector, which is a very huge plus for ppl with an ethernet cable connect. I’ma old head and a skillful player of pulling off complex combos manually. So someone using auto combos won’t bother me, nor will it deter me away from the game.KOF will get better as time goes on. SNK need to give Samurai Shodown the same rollback treatment! Japan has finally woken up to rollback netcode. All that is left is for Capcom to jump on board and make SF #1 again.

  7. Was a huge fan of KOF but the new series imo opinion gets worse and worse. They might as well just have one super that deals 90% damage. 98' 2k3 will always be my favorites. Reasons why SF will always be better. Still keeps the simple formula whole adding minor things. KOF just evolves into "just connect supers" and that's it. Idk maybe I'm way too old school

  8. What I’ve always noticed about king of fighters is that they always make terry bogard look like crap. For some reason they never fail to do this.

  9. IGN? Aren't you guys the same people that cried about a literal demon 'talking mean' in your Doom review some years ago?

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