The King of Fighters XV – Launch Trailer | PS5, PS4

YouTube video

KOF’s story reaches its climax with a new episode in the story! 39 characters unite in their way to glory! A new battle system that delivers more speed and excitement than ever before!


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  1. I remember vividly when '94 was released and everyone was crazy about it, and even more '95! But I didn't like KOF until '96 was released, the changes in gameplay made is better for me, and '97 is still the best edition of the game.

  2. funny that kyo, iori, and chizuru back as a team again… the 3 clans in a team known as Sacred Treasures Team

  3. Has anyone else's Omega Edition not shipped. Pre-ordered mine a month ago from GameStop and it says it's still waiting for product availability…

  4. ive been fan-girling for over a year now, every week showing my friends the new trailers and giving them huge walls of texts about that characters backgrounds. I'm so excited for this its making me emotional

  5. "muh tHE gRaPhiCS!!" shut up already, not everything has to be photorealistic like your beloved cinematic walking simulator.

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