The King of Fighters XV – All Super Moves (4K60)

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Check out this montage from The King of Fighters XV – all super moves in 4K on PS5!

Old favorites like Terry, Iori, and Elisabeth Blanctorche return alongside newcomers Delores, Shun’ei, and Isla for King of Fighters XV, the newest fighting game from SNK. Super Special Moves, Max Super Special Moves, and Climax Super Special Moves are here and flashier than ever in 4K 60FPS. The queen of command grabs, Shermie, is back too!

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  1. For me last normal KOF was KOF XIII And KOF XIV, XV look like Street Fighter V but Slim. Also they quit Kensou…

  2. What's the use of bringing in these new, far-fetched characters if in the end of the day everyone will have eyes only for the classic ones?

  3. Maybe nobody have not noticed the fact that,,
    Athena don't have level 2 version super,,,. That means she don't have longest invincibility shinning crystal bit super level 2 anymore

  4. Majority of Climax moves are being recycled from KOF XIV, but comes with better animation, thanks to Unreal Engine

  5. 6:21 If I’m gonna be honest, K’ sunglasses super is seriously downgraded from KOFXIV. You can’t even see the sunglasses in the air before he grabs it and the screen darkening and suspense of the super is gone 🙁

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